People of the New Federal State of China will never be slaves

Original Writer: Feihua

Translator: Stephanie

Proofreading: W Y. W

Editor: Truemanman

What is a slave? When your life and assets don’t  belong to you,  you don’t  have the right to migrate freely, you do not have the right to speak, you don’t have the freedom to trade, you don’t have the right to mate according to your will, and you don’t have the right to have how many children. When it’s not up to you to decide what music you listen to,  what movies you watch, what pictures you draw, what movies you make, or even what clothes you wear, then you are a slave.

The Chinese have experienced imperial slavery for thousands of years, and an all-round slavery system ruled by the CCP rogue group with the Communist Red Devils as its soul for nearly 70 years. The Chinese have always been slaves without knowing it. Ancient imperial slavery still has at least a little freedom, and the communist evil spirits CCP gangsters used the shadow government, including Wall Street financial scammers, Washington politicians selling American thieves in the swamp, and other national politician groups; There are also a group of crooks that Mr. Bannon calls the Global Gang, Silicon Valley’s multinational technology companies, energy companies and pharmaceutical companies and more than 100 multinational companies, Hollywood and monopoly media companies provide advanced technology and brainwashing technology for all Chinese people. All-round monitoring of every cell of his spirit and body has made modern Chinese people a complete slave.

People of New Federal State of China is bridge for faith, with their courage and wisdom to take down the evilest but strongest CCP. This is the first time that the people of China are fighting for themselves to be free from the slavery system. CCP is like a parasite, parasitic in the apathetic human with selfishness and weakness. They are most afraid of unity with faith and wisdom.

We, the people of the New Federal State of China, not only prevent them from parasitism, but also eliminate it. We unite with the American Patriot League headed by President Trump to eliminate allies that support the CCP. Finally, the New China Federation will be an American-style democratic system of three powers and a country ruled by law.

With platforms of G-TV and GNEWS, people of New Federal State of China can break the monopolistic domination of the mass media controlled by dark forces and spread the truth. Awakening the world by letting them know the true information about the Deep State and the CCP. Media is the fourth power which is solely controlled by the dark forces to brainwash people. With only one source of information, people tend to lose the ability to think independently, making them easily controlled and ruled. Slavery is maintained by lies and violence.

The New Federal State of China(NFSC) will use the G series to establish our NFSC’s financial system. The financial system is the top priority of a country. It determines whether you are a slave or not. In Communist China, the right to print money is in the hands of the Red Devils. He can print an unlimited amount of untrustworthy drawing paper to exchange us for tangible things. This is enslaving us. The Fed, which has always been controlled by the shadow government, is also using this method, such as multiple QEs, to enslave the world.

The Chinese Communist Party released the CCP virus as biological weapon to the world to realize their philosophy  “community with a shared future for mankind” which completely congenial with “ new world order” as mentioned by George Bush. They work in collusion to control the whole world. With the capitalism reset in the financial system, they can deprive everyone’s assets and power, controlling one’s health with the vaccine to truly accomplish communist worldwide and enslave the people all over the world.

In the mean time, we the people of New Federal State of China, and the patriots leaded by President Trump are fighting in all means with those evils. In the recent report shows that Australia is going against the capitalism reset and the whistleblower from Canada said that the dark forces of the Canadian government are also using the virus to imprison people in family prisons, and then secretly carry on capitalism reset in their financial system. Patriots all over the world are realizing that “ We are the plan “.

The NFSC and patriots from all over the world unite to eliminate all the dark forces that enslave us. This is why we, the NFSC, participated in the Americans in support of President Trump. Our support for President Trump is to eliminate the evil forces of CCP, because the American patriots led by President Trump are protecting the American system from being replaced by the shadow government and CCP. If the United States is replaced by the shadow government and CCP, then the beacon of freedom in the United States will be extinguished, and humanity will enter a dark hell.

Mr Guo mentioned that when the conditions are right around the world, Himalayan Farms can be established to have bench of talent to prepare for the physical New Federal State of China. A powerful country is composed of powerful people and also economic entities. The modern country is no longer like the traditional. It can be a consortium of people with common beliefs and similar values. Development of the Internet has broken the boundaries of regions and races, the conditions are ripe. Now it is getting easier for people to connect with one another and it is getting easier for people with similar values to get to know each other.

Just like Mr. Guo said, we, the NFSC, want to live in peace with the American people and the people of other countries. Respect each other’s history and civilization, respect each other’s beliefs and interests, do not invest heavily in national defense wars, do not engage in biological and chemical weapons and other weapons of mass destruction that endanger mankind, and achieve peace for the millennium. We are people who respect one another, love one another to become people with courage, moral principles and real power. People of New Federal State of China will never be slaves!


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