The Truth Of Virus (2) ———A whistleblower from a W.H.O reference laboratory in Hong Kong is alleging a COVID-19 coverup in an exclusive FOX interview

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I am doctor Li Mengyan, you can call me Scarlett. I am from Hong Kong and I work in the University of Hong Kong school of public Health. My lab is the top lab in the world for Coronavirus. The reason I came to the U.S. is because I deliver the message of the truth of the COVID-19. 

(Dr. Li Mengyan says she tried to speak up overseas, and was forced to leave her friends and family behind.)

If I tell it in Hong Kong, the moment I start to tell it, I will be disappeared and killed. No one can hear me. So, for this purpose, I like to go to U.S. and tell the truth of the origins of COVID-19 to the world. To let people understand how terrible, how dangerous it is. This is nothing about politics. This is about whether all the human in the world can survive.

( Her early research into the virus was allegedly covered up, and could have helped fight the spread of COVID-19. )

I’m one of the first ones get involved in COVID-19 research in the world, from end of December. Since the 31 December, once we know there is a SARS-like Coronavirus in China, in Wuhan, my supervisor, WHO consultant Dr. Leo Poon, asked me to do some secret investigation of what really happened in mainland of China. The China government refused to get overseas expert, even including ones in Hong Kong, to do research in China. So I turned to my friends to get more information. This is a conversation that happened 31 of December. I talked to a friends who is a scientist in the CDC(Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention) in China. That friend has first-hand information. And this person told me there is a family cluster cases, so there should be human-to-human transmission. 

( The WHO did not confirm the virus could spread between humans for several weeks. )

(“According to Chinese authorities, the virus in question can cause severe illness in some patients and does not transmit readily between people…There is limited information to determine the overall rise of this reported cluster.” ————January 9, 2020)

(Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel#coronavirus (2019-nCov) identified in #Wuhan, #China.)

(The doctors willing to share information with Dr. Yan were obviously scared. )

So this is a group full of the clinical doctors in different hospitals all over China. This is from 31 December in China, and early in the morning, one of the doctors says whether there are doctors in Wuhan who can share this information about this SARS-like virus. There are people who immediately warn this doctor’ Don’t ask,’ and ‘this is too sensitive.’ ‘We can not talk about it, but we need to wear mask,’ 

(On January 16, she says she was asked to reach out to her China contacts again, since the government was providing few details. What she found troubled her.)

First, the human-to-human transmission become very worse in Wuhan. There are many many patients who don’t get treatment on time and diagnosis on time. There is no protection for both doctors and the patient, and the common people. And also the government doesn’t allow people to release such information. Hospitals doctors are scared, but they cannot talk. CDC staffs are scared. 

( This is when the coverup of her research began, she says.)

So I report these things to Leon Poon once I get the result. But he asked me to keep silent, and be careful. As he warned me before, ‘don’t touch the read line.’ That means don’t go across the China government’s procedure. Don’t cross the China government principle. If not, we will get in trouble, and we’ll be ‘disappeared’. I thought this information could be delivered to the public, and it is very urgent information. So it should be respond to the public as soon as possible. But then he didn’t do anything. Because I wait , I didn’t see any response, after many days even. And also our co-director of the WHO [reference] lab, Prof. Malik Peiris, they know it. But they didn’t do any action. As a virologist, and even some of them are doctors, and they know how terrible it is. This is a public health threat they should do a quick response to it. They should have done many things. There are so many choices they can do to control this outbreak, not let it spread as the biggest disaster we have seen in human history. 

Dr.Malik Peiris

( When it appeared to her that her boss Dr. Leon Poon, and the  co-director of The Who reference lab Dr. Malik Peiris had failed to pass along her findings…)

I feel very disappointed, but I already know this would happen because I know the corruption among this kind of international organization like WHO to China government, and to China Communist Party Government. So basically, I accept it but I don’t want this misleading information to spread to the world. I think it has to be corrected. I know what will happen to me. I know how they treat the whistleblowers. I see how terrible the government suppressed those young innocent protesters.

( The WHO denied Dr. Yan’s claims, and told FOX “ Many people do work for us as consultants…but again this does not make [Dr. Yan Limeng , Dr. Malik Peiris and Dr. Leon Poon ] staff members and once again they DO NOT represent WHO.” Fox News was unable to reach the doctors for comment. The spokesperson for China’s embassy told FOX they had “never heard of” Dr. Yan, and that “The Chinese government has responded swiftly and effectively to COVID-19 since its outbreak.” Despite the risks, she started leaking to U.S. based blogger, who published her findings on January 19. But only in Chinese languages.)

Unfortunately, Chinese speaking and English speaking are totally isolated. So, we get response from our government within four hours reporting this. The government changed the case numbers from 62 to 198——triple. They admit this is human-to-human transmission. And also, Chairman Xi issued the first statement in 2020 that claimed this one, new coronavirus actually is an infectious disease, which put to the same level at SARS at that time. And then later, within three days, the 23rd of January, they locked down Wuhan.

(Weeks later, she received a dire warning from the blogger(LuDe).

He knows that I’m in danger. I have to leave as soon as possible and (he) asked me that whether I would want to go to the US to tell the truth to the world. I said, I’m willing to do that. And my husband found that phone call. 

( Her husband worked in the same lab. She says he knew about her research, was close with Dr. Malik Peiris and supported her research in private. But when she asked him to come with her, and explained what was happening…)

He was totally pissed off, and he blamed me, tried to ruin my confidence. Also show he is totally scared of China’s government. He said they will kill all of us. I tried to persuade him to go to US with me, but I failed. So, Monday, 27 April, I got my US ticket and then 28 April I took the flight to go to US. 

(With the help of a political exile group, she left the country without raising any alarms.)

That day I was very nervous. Any step before the flight set off, I know I can be stopped. When I arrived at LAX, initially it goes very well. I passed the customs and I get my luggages. When I tried to go through the exit, there were two officers stopped me. (It) seemed they are waiting for me. I don’t know why. They just stopped me and bring me to the office, and then try to ask me where I’m from, what kind of work I’m working on. And I’m so scared. So, I think I have to tell them the truth. Because I think I don’t want to come here to do anything wrong. I’m doing the right thing. So, I tell them that don’t let me go back to China. I’m the one who come here to tell the truth of COVID-19 and please protect me, if not, the China government will kill me. And those officers are shocked. 

(She says the F.B.I. interviewed her for hours, took her phone for evidence and allowed her to continue traveling. But a very different scene was unfolding back in Hong Kong.)

Since I left Hong Kong, it is just in several hours when I was still on the flight. The whole government was recruited, and the China Ministry of State Security went to my hometown Qingdao, and with policemen, to give trouble to my family. 

(Suddenly she lost access to her work accounts and email, even though she says she was on approved annual-leave at the time. Then the cyber attacks began. )

Since the middle of May, our government start to put online the attack on me, like the cyber military attacking me from Twitter. At that time, I didn’t expose my identity. I haven’t been to the public. Only they know who I am. They try to spread a lot of rumor, ruin my reputation, and said I’m lying. They create a fake Facebook account, which is under my Chinese name Yan Limeng using my profile. And to tell people that I’m kidnapped in the US, and I tried to lie to people and even I have a mental disorder…

Also, the University of Hong Kong block my staff account and tried to delete my webpage from the University of Hong Kong website. All the thing like this, I’m sure once this go to the public, there will be worse things come to attack me—full of lies!

(The University of Hong Kong told Fox News that Dr. Yan “is no longer a staff member,” but would not comment on when or why she was terminated. Now, she believes everyone she knew is likely in danger. )

Of course, I’m afraid of the safety. I’m worried about the safety of my family and my friends and all the people who had sent me the information. No matter doctors, officers, lab people, researchers, scientists, they all know it clearly. They trust me. So that’s why I need to protect them. They are all under surveillance, under trouble and my family in life threatening danger definitely every day! 

(She believes her own life is in danger, too. But she says time is running out for the world to do what’s right.)

Social distancing, two-meter is better. 70% alcohol is very useful. Clean your hands, and also, wear a mask if you get gathering, get close to people. Surgical mask. This is about global health. No political issues. I mean, this is all of us get involved. No matter this party, this country, that country. The only thing is when people understand the truth and know how to protect themselves. You have to imagine how many cases not reported from China. Already there is 6 million people in the world, one in 600 get confirmed, but this will increase in a very quick speed. Imagine one day you’ll see one in 100 people already get infected in the world. And later one in 50, one in 10. That means none of us can escape from this. Don’t expect a herd immunity especially at this time. Because you don’t know this virus. You cannot judge the character of this virus, according to our previous experience. And we don’t expect a vaccine at this moment, or some magic solution at this moment. The only thing we can do is to understand where it comes from. Do the right research and protect us, protect our family, our friend, anyone around us in the right way.  That is the only thing we can do now. That is why I need to tell it to the world. I really need people to understand this is very very critical for every one of us. 

Reference : Voice of Guo Media
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5 months ago

covid-19 is a PlanDemic agenda!!!

5 months ago

personally this doctor can says whatever she wants but she is lying there is not such a thing like covid-19 pandemic all this is about population control … and the fake media is spreading this lie to scare the masses as they call us ,therefore to me this lady is part of the pandemic agenda!!! thanks a lot!

5 months ago

You may check another page to understand how the fake news and deep state FDC WHO etc ignored human beings lives , the medicine Hydroxychloroquine how it works for preventing the virus



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