Highlights of Lude Media (Night)-Nov 16,2020

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Trump Will Crack Down CCP Before Jan 20,Bowell: Massive Voting Fraud Involve 29 States

• President Trump has been aware that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the world’s greatest threat. Based on recent news reports, it shows that he has decided to destroy the CCP before starting his second term.

o U.S media, including mainstream media, scrambles to cover President Trump’s implementation of the Communist China crackdown before January 20, 2021.
o President Trump asked about options to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities and decided not back on a path to war with Iran.

• President Trump’s attorney, Sidney Powell, said in an interview the Dominion voting system has a backdoor that they can monitor the election in real-time and flip or edit the ballots to whatever they want based on a built-in algorithm. Powell describes this as massive criminal voter fraud across at least 29 states. And she finally added:” It’s going to blow the minds of everyone in the country when we get it all together and can explain it with the affidavits and the experts that have come forward.”

• As you may have noticed, the Dominion Voting Systems is in multiple languages. Mr. Lu De uncovers that Peking University’s Founder Group is the only company with the source code for the Chinese character input technology in the world. They can easily gain access to Dominion’s software and manipulate the outcome of the U.S. election. The CCP uses a large number of programmers to write machine code, which is a low-level language made up of binary numbers that cannot be traced. However, insiders have now come forward to testify so that President Trump will stay in office for a second term.

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Outstanding work.