Pivot to Take Down the CCP Post the US Election

Author: Himalayan Canada Toronto Farm ctt
Editing: Dawn

Image source: the Economist

While the effort to clean up of the US election frauds is still on going, things are moving in the direction favoring President Trump’s final victory. Trump will definitely win the election and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s interference in the US election will be thoroughly exposed. As such, one would wonder whether the CCP will be finally taken down? Let’s analyze the situation.

The people around the world were astounded by the US election this year. The election fraud by the Democratic Party was so pervasive and moreover the travesty of the mainstream media (MSM) is so outrageous. In the US election, all the MSM and major social media side with the Democratic Party and have been censoring and covering up for the Biden family corruption and collusion with the CCP and turning a blind eye to the election fraud. People cannot help asking: is this still the USA, a country with the soundest democratic system and rule of law in the world?

After Democratic Party’s brazen election shenanigans and the media’s blatant lies, previously divided Republicans have now united and come forward to support Trump, even some Democrats couldn’t stand it and have stood up to support Trump.

The effort of the New Federal State of China led by Mr. Miles Guo in the US election was very impressive and indispensable. Several weeks before the election, on GTV and GNews, our Whistleblower Movement fellow fighters exposed the Biden family’s corruption and evidences to sell out America to the CCP. As a result, many votes switched to President Trump in the election. After the election, GNews and GTV reported the election frauds and cheating by the Democratic Party in a timely manner so that the American people could see the truth while the MSM and social media are censoring and covering up for Biden.

In the election, the CCP colluded with the dark forces in the US to manipulate the election results. Fortunately, the US government has recently obtained data servers used to fake the election results for Biden and obtained solid evidences. After personally experiencing this unprecedentedly large-scale election fraud, President Trump has realized and felt deeply that the CCP is truly the greatest threat and enemy of the US and the world, and thus he promptly promulgated the National Emergency Law. According to Mr. Guo’s interpretation, his action means two things: 1. The US has started the financial decoupling from the CCP as well as an economic war. 2. The US is ready to fight the CCP in a cyber warfare as Pompeo has said that the CCP’s firewall must be torn down. Clearly and resolutely the US has started the action to take down the CCP.

After this election, the New Federal State of China, with its strength and its belief that “truth prevails”, has emerged to the forefront as the key force to take down the CCP. After President Trump cleans up the US internal politics, he will surely unite and call on the American people to take down the CCP. The American allies in the world will follow. Russia, which has suffered badly from the CCP virus, will likely stand on the sidelines and no longer be an ally of the CCP. The global effort to isolate the CCP will inevitably intensify the internal struggles of the CCP. Consequently, our covert fellow fighters within the CCP will take advantage of the situation and act accordingly. With the collapse of the domestic economy, high unemployment rate, severe food shortage, and the CCP’s aggravated exploitation of the people, Chinese people shall ultimately wake up and overthrow the CCP.

Trump’s victory in the US election will expose the CCP’s nefarious efforts to control and dominate the world, thus fundamentally alter the US geopolitical strategy to pivot to take down the CCP. Countries that have sided with CCP in the past will turn back one after another. The day when the CCP collapses is about to come.

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