2020/11/17 Summary of the Mr. Mask Show

Translator:Connecticut Farm-KY

Reviser: Connecticut Farm- Mr. Snail


1. The outcome of the US election is basically that President Trump win the final victory in court, there is absolutely no possibility of counterattack for Biden. It must be President Trump who will win the re-election. The important force of the CCP’s 3F plan (Note 1) is the BGY(Note 2) media and technology bigwigs.

They play tricks with Joe Biden, help Joe Biden, and deceive the American citizens together. However, from Facebook’s changing attitude in silence, it can be seen that they know that they will be sent to prison together with Biden. No one is willing to take the risk of this. Uncharacteristically, Biden has not updated Twitter for many days. On the contrary, President Trump updated Twitter that ‘I won the election!’ Many media have begun to turn, and more significantly, now many political leaders have also begun to turn. Mr. Guo whistleblowed that Kissinger has turned to support Trump (Kissinger is the only veritable old friend who crosses all the leadership of the CCP). Kissinger’s statement and turn has a huge impact on Wall Street and many of the forces behind Kissinger’s defection. Kissinger is persuaded by Mr. Guo for a very important reason, because what Mr. Guo said was the truth.

It is a trend for CCP to be eliminated. The abolition of communism has become the requirement of this era. Mankind cannot enter the next era if communism is immortal. Mankind with communism has no future. It is a historical trend, and no one can change it.

2. President Trump mentioned the virus again in his tweet. It is mentioned that European countries are destroyed by the CCP virus and the fake news do not report this. Although the result of the general election from now to January 20 is very important, the virus is  more important. Therefore, the toughest card President Trump can play is to investigate the truth about the virus and accountability for the virus. A very important thing here is sovereign immunity. As for sovereign immunity, Senator Josh David Hawley also mentioned it before. Therefore, before accountability, you must remove the CCP’s Bulletproof vest When it comes to sanctions, it must be kicked on the testicles of CCP (hit the key).

3. Let’s take a look at the interviews that lawyer Sidney Powell mentioned recently that it will shock every American when the truth of the election is revealed. She mentioned that cheaters can monitor the results of vote counting in real time, run an algorithm through the voting machine at any time, count one candidate’s votes to another, or delete or change the votes so that the candidate they want can win the election. The host said that he originally thought that Dominion was only monitoring and estimating how many votes are needed to change the election results, but according to the statement of the lawyer Powell, in fact Dominion can directly tamper with the voting data, So, this is real evidence of election fraud, and it is also a huge accusation. When the host asked about the next action, attorney Sidney Powell made it clear that it is a huge criminal election fraud case involving 29 states. This operation will happen once the voting machine is connected to the Internet.

So does CCP has the ability to manipulate the U.S. election? As fellows of the Whistleblow Movement, the answer is clearly, yes. Secondly, does CCP have this plan? He has too much. Mr. Guo broke the news many times and said that the results of this US election are too important to the CCP’s country and their fate. thirdly, all mobile phones which are produced in CCP have back doors. From the fingerprint recognition system of mobile phones to the current video (face) recognition system, who controls these technology companies? Therefore, mankind will never have peace if CCP not be eliminated. There are also greedy capitalists on Wall Street who help CCP enslave the world together. This is not to scare people, nor is it an exaggeration. It is truth.

Note 1: 3F plan, which means to foment weakness, foment chaos and foment the destruction of America.

Note 2: BGY stands for Blue, Gold and Yellow. Blue represents Internet and Media Control, Gold represents money bribery which is used to influence. Yellow represents the use of honey traps to compromise espionage targets. CCP planned to control the world by choking the throats of the world leaders, politicians, media, academics and financial operators; and it had deeply invaded the US from internal via this BGY in the past decades.

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