Fake News’ Nemesis – Lin Wood

Author: Yi Zu
Translator: Christine
Editor: Lish

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“Wake up America. Face TRUTH. ”

“Over last 2 decades, Communist China has infiltrated the United States.   ”

Image Source:  screenshot of attorney Lin Wood’s tweet

Following in the footsteps of Mr. Bannon and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, another prominent American, Mr. Lin Wood, a barrister, has made this loud noise. Through his recent series of tweets, we can see that Mr. Lawyer is definitely a comrade of the whistleblower movement. Even more gratifyingly, he is also the nemesis of many Fake News unscrupulous media outlets.

Most Chinese people have heard of Mr. Wood because he represented the famed Nicholas Sandmann in a libel suit against big media outlets such as The Washington Post and CNN for hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. Sandmann, a student at Covington Catholic High School, was threatened with his life after a video of a previous gathering at the Lincoln Memorial in January 2019 was deliberately cut by some unscrupulous mainstream media outlets to distort the facts for smear coverage. Mr. Wood, the lead attorney in the Sandman lawsuit, sensationally sued The Washington Post for $250 million and CNN for $275 million. In the end, both media outlets settled out of court with Sandman, and Mr. Wood was able to get justice for Sandman, but he also disgraced the unscrupulous Fake News media, which, of course, were shameless in the first place.

Mr. Wood actually made a name for himself 24 years ago. Mr. Wood’s first libel client was Richard Jewell, a security guard in Atlanta’s 1996 Olympic Park bombing. While working as a security guard at Olympic Park, Jewell discovered a backpack containing three bombs on the park grounds, alerted police, and helped evacuate many people before the bombs exploded, saving them from harm. Initially, Jewell was regarded as a hero by the American public. But soon, the FBI and local law enforcement investigated him without evidence and leaked the information to the media. He was smeared as a suspect in the case and subjected to an unfair “trial by media”, which caused severe damage to his reputation and professional life as a result of the distorted reports and pushed by some unscrupulous mainstream media.

Subsequently, with Mr. Wood and other attorneys’ help, Jewell sued the New York Times and CNN for defamation and eventually settled out of court for damages. Although the exact amount of the damages was kept secret, judging from the $500,000 awarded by another defendant, NBC, it should be a significant amount of money. In July 1997, U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno personally apologized to Jewell at a press conference for leaking information to law enforcement. In 1998, the real criminal in the case, Eric Rudolph, was convicted and arrested in 2003. In 2019, the story was made into a movie with the title. It’s The Richard Jewell.

Immediately following this case, Mr. Wood has several high-profile cases, including acting as a lead defense attorney in a defamation suit brought by John Ramsey and his wife and their son, Burke, against the Times, the New York Times, and Fox.

On November 30, 2012, CNN was sued for falsely reporting that DaVita Inc. engaged in Medicare and Medicaid fraud, and Mr. Wood was the lead attorney for the plaintiff, DaVita. The lawsuit was settled in 2015 for nearly $500 million, and CNN was fined an additional amount of Mr. Wood’s attorney’s fees.

The American media, the fourth estate, once played a significant and positive role in civilization’s history. But today, the so-called “mainstream media” has completely lost its way in the face of the capital, turning the fourth estate’s oversight of power into a tool for partisan and personal gain. In a series of famous defamation lawsuits, Mr. Wood took up the law and went after these unscrupulous media outlets for their perverse reporting until they paid the price.

We can see that Mr. Wood has an innate sense of justice in pursuit of the truth, which may have a lot to do with a family tragedy during his adolescence. At the age of 16, when he returned home from a school dance, he found his mother beaten to death by his father. And it was this harrowing and painful experience that made him determined to become a lawman. And today, he has become a legendary lawyer and is making a new one. In November 2020, Mr. Wood joined President Trump’s legal team to launch a lawsuit related to fraud in this U.S. presidential election.

And in a series of recent tweets, Mr. Wood has come across as not just a lawyer, but a patriot and a warrior with a profound understanding of the enormous crisis facing the U.S. On November 13, Mr. Wood tweeted.

“Communist Timeline:

1. Infiltrate media & local, state & national government officials (ideology, money & extortion). Over 2 decades.

2. Dominion Voting Systems deployed in US prior to 2020 Election. Computer fraud.

3. Unleash biological weapon Covid-19. Mail ballot fraud.”

Image Source: screenshot of attorney Lin Wood’s tweet

In the above tweet of just under 100 words, Mr. Wood directly points out several of the most central CCP overreach tactics against the United States that Whistleblower Movement has been exposing: media weaponry, blue and gold, manipulation of American elections, and the CCP virus is a biological weapon. This is so far beyond the knowledge of a legal professional that I have to believe that Mr. Wood is actually a spokesman for one channel of the Trump administration.

And in his top tweet, he wrote.

“TRUTH: Light always overcomes darkness. Truth always overcomes lies. But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God. – John 3:21”

Image Source: screenshot of attorney Lin Wood’s tweet

I believe this is why Mr. Wood stands firmly with President Trump and the Whistleblower Movement in their quest for light and truth together.

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