Himalaya UK-David’s War Room-11th Nov. 2020


Himalaya UK-David’s War Room-11th Nov. 2020

A Himalaya Hawk Squad’s video appeared on NetEase; President Trump unstoppable; Is Pfizer to politicalize the virus? Is Evergrand Group a victim of CCP’s internal struggle?

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A Himalaya Hawk Squad’s video appeared on NetEase

  • People behind the Firewall were touched and changed to join the WhistleblowerMovement after they watch our videos.
  • They will spread the cogitation of eliminate the CCP in mainland China, educating others.
  • Uphold to the truth, goodwill, justice and conscience to spread our thoughts , people’s vision and perspective will change subtly

President Trump unstoppable

  • Many Democratic states have changed to republican state Democrats have the least votes in the House of Representatives this year
  • A large number of witnesses prove the president election fraud
  • The people are aware of the situation, they organized a march to protest against election fraud and support President Trump
  • Demonstrated the unity of the Trump family, Republican Party and his leadership team in Veteran’s day

Is Pfizer to politicalize the virus?

  • CNN cooperated with Biden to turn the attention to the virus and used it to attack President Trump
  • Pfizer announced that there’s a vaccine that can make its stock soar, and its shareholders (like The CCP, Wall Street, Blackstone etc.) have huge profits, they use the capital to control the economy, media and public opinion
  • In order to politicize the vaccine, whoever owns the vaccine has political discourse and who has the political power

Is Evergrand Group a victim of CCP’s internal struggle?

  • A large number of listed companies had withdrawn from stock market, which reflected Communist China’s economic situation and people’s money being cheated
  • People have lack of confidence in stock market, as it suspects the stock trading anytime
  • Evergrand failed to enter the stock market, which brought great risks to financial institutions and fragile financial problems, and it will lead to financial collapse
  • The major industries and Evergrand have the CCP families behind them, which is the inevitable result of internal struggle

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