Miles Guo – America experiences the pain of having the truth perverted

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On 15th November 2020, Miles Guo discussed current issues with members of the Whistleblower Movement. He talked about the use of the CCP’s firewall and how the U.S. is now experiencing a similar situation where the truth is being hidden.

Miles explained the effect of the participation of the New Federal State of China in the MAGA Million March. He continued with his take on President Trump’s actions in the future and the effect it will have in the world.

The CCP firewall hides the truth

“The CCP built the firewall to hide the truth, brainwash and completely control the Chinese peopleThe CCP wants the Chinese people to shut up and not able to think independently. They are forced to believe what the CCP government tells them, and the government will suppress them if they disobey the orders of the CCP.

The Americans have only been treated like this by the extreme Left and Deep State for ONLY 7 days after the election. The Chinese have suffered from it for 70 years.

One of the big reasons is that the American elite (Wall Street, Silicon Valley, mainstream media, universities, etc.) want the CCP to continue to rule the Chinese people, is that these elites can continue to enjoy their excess profits through the CCP and various cheap services provided by ordinary Chinese people as modern slaves.

——— Miles Guo

The New Federal State of China    

“Our followers and fighters of the New Federal State of China joined the MAGA Million March in Washington DC this past weekend. They showed the world an image of a well-behaved and self-organized volunteer group of overseas Chinese, in compliance with the law,  who have been seeking and fighting for the truth about the CCP-virus, justice for the presidential election, and supporting President Trump’s initiative to keep America great.

My source informs me that all these activities gained high praise and recognition by the White House, pro-Trump elites and the American people on the scene. Our pursuit is also widely recognized by American mainstream society.

——— Miles Guo

Trump is capable to destroy the CCP

“A few days ago, one of my friends, the leader of a European state, “reminded” me “politely” by saying that by destroying the CCP, there will be a deadly price.

I told him that all the tricks the CCP could use to control the U.S., and the world have been exhausted. No matter how the world changes, the CCP will be finished for sure. President Trump is absolutely capable of destroying the CCP. After his re-election, he will definitely implement his four-year strategic plan to destroy it. Some of his family members are all from the former communist countries and he is fully aware of the nature of the communist cult.”

——— Miles Guo

The consequences of selling your soul

“The British gave up the pursuit of justice and sold their souls for the sake of making a profit, which led to the death of Britain’s world leadership, and its economy.

Joe Biden and other corrupt politicians in the United States are following down the same path as the UK did.

Fortunately, we have President Trump, and the American people to uphold justice. The United States will surely become great again and stay as the beacon leading the world.

This week, once again, everyone in the world will see how our New Federal State of China and Whistleblower Movement is helping to rescue the world.”

——— Miles Guo

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