The CCP’s Flag With Millions of People’s Blood. The CCP is a Devil. Innocent Chinese People Are The Biggest Victims.

Author: Dezhou Ruiqiu; Reviewer: Wencheng

The flag is CCP’s flag with millions of people’s blood.

One video has been posted online. It seems happened during “Million MAGA March” in DC last weekend.  It shows a man shouting loudly, “I want American people come and step on Biden’s flag”. He said, “It’s a CCP flag! It gave Wall street Billions of Dollars; it gave Biden one Billion Dollars!”  Then, we can see a Flag of the People’s Republic of China lying on the ground and lots of people stepped on it, spitted on it. “Take Down the CCP!” someone shouting loudly in the crowd.

It’s great to see American people woke up and realized that the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is the enemy of America and the world. The CCP made the Covid-19 virus in the lab and infected innocent Chinese people in Wuhan, China and then spread it around the whole world. So far, This CCP virus is causing over 54.7 Million people infected; and over 1.32 Million people die worldwide. Now, numerous evidences showing that the CCP has interfering the 2020 U.S. presidential election to ruin American people’s freedom and democracy.

According to Mr. Steve Bannon on “War Room Pandemic” program, “the CCP is a devil. Innocent Chinese people are the biggest victims.”  1.4 Billion Chinese people are living under the control of this unlawful regime; and have been brainwashing by the CCP for over 70 years. Nowadays, The CCP uses the firewall to cut off the connection of Chinese people with the world. The CCP media reported false information to mislead innocent Chinese people and spread the hatred.  However, Chinese people are decent people. Chinese people are hardworking, wise, and kind people. Chinese people desire to remove this CCP regime and have freedom and democracy. Chinese people love to connect and communicate with the world friendly and fairly.

Fortunately, the New Federal State of China has been established on June 4th, 2020. Millions of brave and decent Chinese people around the world have standing up and participating in this profound “whistleblower movement” led by Mr. Miles Guo. The goal of New Federal State of China is to take down the CCP and return the rights to every Chinese citizen. Now, the people of the New Federal State of China keep uncovering and spreading the truth to the whole world. And lots of them participated in “Million MAGA March” in DC to support U.S. president Trump and U.S. Constitution. They are showing to the world the brand-new look of Chinese people with courage, wise, and integrity.

The CCP is a devil. Meanwhile, not only the CCP, but also Antifa, Marxism, and American swamp, all of those dark forces involved are the enemies of human beings. People need to unite together and fight for human rights, freedom, and democracy. With all the efforts, the new era of peace, prosperity, and happiness will come very soon.  

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5 months ago

Danial Andrews has given Victoria to the evil CCP regime. The PM gave the rest of Australia to them yesterday! Were doomed!