Let Mr. Giuliani Show You the Affidavit Evidence of Voter Fraud in Michigan

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EP85: Video transcription/Translation: 勢不可擋/Wade; PR: Roberts; Subtitle: Bobby/文府.

EP86: Video transcription/Translation: Wade/TCC; PR: Roberts; Subtitles: 塔奇克馬

This election has been a learning process for many Americans and for all of us, the people of the New Federal State of China.

Mr. Giuliani, President Trump’s personal lawyer and former Mayor of New York City, has been quite busy after the US election, gathering evidence of voter fraud that obviously happened in America. After his press conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (👉https://gnews.org/538518/), Mr. Giuliani used his humorous but serious and witty talks to show you the affidavit evidence of voter fraud that happened in the State of Michigan in his recent episodes 85 and 86 on the Youtube Channel of Rudy W. Giuliani published on November 11 and 13, respectively.

The signed affidavit evidence means that these are evidence that the witnesses have sworn under oath for nothing but the truth and have to be held accountable should the testimonials be found not truthful after.

In episode 85, Mr. Giuliani presented graphic evidence of voter fraud in Michigan.

  • Philadelphia’s history of election fraud
  • pictures of ballot harvesting
  • Pictures of ~100,000 Biden-only votes threw in at 4am on November 4th
  • Why were only cities in those swing states involved in voter fraud?
  • A Detroit city employee was trained to violate the voting process
  • If Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona or all flip, then Trump has 292 electoral votes
  • Supreme court cases against mail-in or absentee votes and explanation of what and how the absentee voter votes

In episode 86, Mr. Giuliani continues by providing affidavit evidence from 3 witnesses in Detroit City, State of Michigan.

Jessy Jacob is a citizen and resident of the State of Michigan and a city employee of Detroit for decades and most importantly, a democrat.

  • “Weird” training from her supervisor
  • Phantom Voters
  • Instructed to not examine any deficiency of ballots on the morning of Nov. 4th
  • Instructed to pre-date November 4 absentee ballots to November 3rd or earlier

Mellisa Carone, an employee of Dominion Voting Services

  • scanning in the same votes
  • Another 100,000 votes came in instantly at ~4am on November 4th

Andrew Sitto, a Republican poll challenger (watcher)

  • Also witnessed another 100,000 votes and all for Joe Biden that came in at ~4am on November 4th
  • Election officials covered the window of the poll station with cardboard

Other link:

Giuliani’s press conference in Philadelphia with witnesses making live testimonials.

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