The People of the New Federal States of China Support President Trump

Author: MOS Himalaya Zhengyi Xiaoxin

On the 14th of November, the people of New Federal State of China (the NFSC) joined millions of Americans in the “Million MAGA March” in Washington D.C. to express their support for President Trump and demand for a fair 2020 U.S. Election.

Most people drove long hours or flew from all around America to Washing D.C. Some Chinese fellows flew from Japan, Argentina and Canada to join the march. A big stage was set up for GTV live broadcast and speeches on the National Mall, which is right in front of the Washington Monument.

A car rally was also held by the NFSC. Giant “MEGA” posters and the NFSC flag and the U.S. flag could be seen on the vehicles. The people of the NFSC chanted “We love Trump”, “Four more years”, “Take down the CCP”, and “The CCP lied, Americans died”.

Chinese people have been pursuing freedom and democracy for more than a hundred years. Since the Chinese Communist Party (the CCP) took over China in 1949, it promised the Chinese people democracy and freedom. It claimed that the party is “of the people and for the people”. But in reality, the CCP rules with nothing but lies and violence.

Now, the CCP is no longer satisfied with just slaving the Chinese people. It is craving to slave all the Americans and even people all over the world. From the big tech’s censorship to fake news such as CNN and NY Times, there is no doubt that the freedom of speech in America is in danger.

The Western freedom and democracy system is greatly threatened and eroded due to the evil Chinese Communist Party regime. In this most unprecedented of elections, with the help of the CCP, many states illegally changed their basic election/voting-related laws midstream — and then had state and federal courts legitimize these unconstitutional attempts to deprive state legislatures of their exclusive power to regulate the time and manner of elections.

The big tech and fake news that are controlled by the CCP even have the temerity to tell the world all to pipe down and get on board with calling Biden president-elect — all while the president has yet to exhaust the litigation and ­recount options granted him ­under the US system.

Biden is owned by the CCP. The big tech and all the fake news media are owned by the CCP.  Let’s fight for our freedom and spread the truth! Let’s take down the CCP to make America great again!

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