“Step on Biden’s Flag”—The CCP Blood Flag

A video footage shows American people stepping on and trashing the CCP’s blood flag, saying “all Americans…step on Biden’s flag”, “the CCP is Biden’s country”, “this is the Nazi Regime”, “F*** the CCP”, “they gave Goldman Sachs…JP Morgan…Biden one billion dollars”, “this man (Biden) is a traitor”, “take down the CCP”… The blood flag represents 70 years of the CCP and its collaborators’ enslaving the Chinese people. 

In the video, we clearly see that the American people, like the Chinese people, are awakened. We know what’s going on. We won’t be silenced any more. We don’t tolerate the oppression or continue to be enslaved any more. We are fighting back. 

For the anti-CCP “Whistleblower Movement” and the New Federal State of China, those who befriend and collaborate with the CCP are our enemies. Those who stand with the Chinese people and fight against the CCP are our allies and friends. Now that we see there are traitors in the U.S., we stand with the American people and fight for the future for all of us. 

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