War Room: Pandemic Ep 505 summary

  • Editor: Ranting
  • Author: Jenny Ball


This weekend displayed a show of force, a show of the best qualities of the American people, the show of the diverse. This is the rise of TRUMPISM. President Trump should understand that you’re not alone. You’re in the driving, rising majority in this country.

From the hard drive from hell, access to information built back better than great reset is just globalisation on steroids because they saw what they had to do. We’re getting to the whole thing on the CCP, and their virus looks good, but the parade on Saturday, it was incredibly special. From a couple of your interviews, showed it was absolutely blown away, the power of the Trump movement, decent hardworking diverse, talks of populism and nationalism and here’s the beauty: not gonna back up one inch!

One Trump supporter came all the way from Taxes and what inspired him? He said: “Just show up to support the President. Someday people are going to ask me, where were you in November 2020? Where were you when you come to the greatest country in the world was stolen by crooked politicians? And I don’t want to say that I stayed at home watching on TV and doing nothing. I wanted to say I was here serving my country once again. I served 5 years in the Marine corps in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I am not going to sit by while the evil tentacles of socialism wrap itself around the greatest country in the world. I will not be quiet. I will not go quietly into that good night. We’re going to peacefully protest and we’re going to stop the steel and we’re gonna get four more years of Trump and makeup, keep America great.” 

This is bigger than President TRUMP and securing his victory.

This is about the Constitution.

This is about the logic of populism and the Westphalianism vs the great reset. The country goes to the next level and good things happen in the revolution.

Also declassify all the information so the nation will see these classified documents covered the conspiracies and those who handling the conspiracies. One of the problems that Donald Trump has always had with the deep state is they always appeal to his patriotism to slow him down, so there’s a national security. But they are lying to you. So release the cracking and show the American people how they have been robbed for decades.

If the Left steals this ELECTION, they will have thwarted the will of the American people.  That’s why this is so important. That’s why we can’t back off.

Donald J. Trump is President, was re-elected with massive numbers, and will be re-inaugurated on January 20, 2021. We’re going to close the deal.

We know TRUMP won because of down-ticket success.

We held the Senate, picked up more House seats, flipped State legislatures.

That’s how we know this is such a scam.

Antifa does not want an ordered society. They want anarchy, and they’re not backing down.

Nobody in the House on the democratic side and nobody in the senate is volunteering to even go near his transition team, near what would be his administration nobody.

Jack Maxey: We are watching ITALY literally be purchased by the CCP, brick-by-brick. They’ve weakened us with the CCP Virus.

Fog city midge : There were no WIFI on the site and no MSM reporters. Weekend MILLIONMAGAMARCH was like 10X a TRUMP rally. We know President Trump loves the American people and is fighting for us, people were there to stand for the election and the President.

Standing among the crowd for hours, Midge said It’s just how positive this event, the patriotism, the enthusiasm, the love of country. They were there to stand up for their country. Fair election and to stand behind the President.

Footage and footage of Saturday, during daylight hours completely peaceful demonstrations taking place all day almost a carnival atmosphere out there. Everything was friendlier and then as dusk set in you saw the emergence of these black clad and Antifa, BLM types a key areas around the city, who were waving knives around.

We saw a man in the fracas himself voluntarily in the fractious himself had turned his back on it to walk away and was sucker punched in the face, he got crushed, a lady runs by steals his phone…

But there was no condemnation from Speaker. No Condemnation from local democrats no condemnation from mayor because they can completely ignore the entire story, because we’re not going to have the mainstream media cover such violence. In fact they’re even scrubbing it from the Internet on social media.

A lot of other conservative accounts who shared the images like the ones we’ve just played of people being assaulted, people being attacked in the streets by black clad individuals who are attacking Trump supporters and their families, but the social media is actually a sending messages to people saying: you either need to delete this video of these attacks or your account will be deleted.

Raheem said Right now the question is:

Can you continue that momentum?

Can the movement without necessarily central planning to do the same thing in outside their state capitals?

Can they do the same thing all across the country?

Can they put enough pressure on the people who are supposed to be certifying?


Albert Einstein called the definition of insanity the world. Wake up people, these communists never sleep. Their objective is a one world order!

Why you’re on the winning side? It is because of you! it’s not because of Trump, not because of us, it’s not because anybody, it’s because of you! The most important of all the virtues is courage. Because upon courage, all other virtues rest.

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