G-TV and GNews Illuminates this Dark World like a Beacon

Author: Himalayan Canada Toronto Farm ctt

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From Mr. Guo, I knew that most Chinese media overseas had been controlled by the CCP. Prior to this, I had been a fan of Voice of America and Radio of Free Asia. Listening to the host and guests talking about the evil of the CCP, I am thankful that I am overseas and far away from the CCP. It wasn’t until the VOA cut-off event happened that I knew that everything Mr. Guo said was true.

On October 5, 2017, Mr. Guo said in a conference: “Night is coming”, but I did not have a deep understanding of this at that time. What Mr.Guo said has been verified one by one, and made us aware of the evil of the CCP and its penetration into the entire world. But he has been strongly suppressed by mainstream media. It made us know that not only Chinese media are controlled by the CCP. The outbreak of the CCP virus(coronavirus) and the U.S. election this year have made us see the darkness of the media in the world.

It has been almost a year since the outbreak of the CCP virus. So many people in the world have died of infection. However, few mainstream media have explored the true source of the Unrestricted Bioweapon. Most of them attributed it to animals or left it alone. After Dr. Yan escaped from China, he published two reports about the CCP virus, but Twitter immediately blocked her account, and Facebook censored her interview videos. In the U.S. election, the mainstream media even sided with the Democratic Party. They have been suppressing the exposure of the Biden family’s corruption and collusion with the CCP, and turning a blind eye to the Democratic Party’s cheating in the election.

G-TV and GNews were born last year after Mr. Guo had been banned several times on Twitter and YouTube. It subsequently reported a series of important events in the world. It reported the CCP’s brutality in Hong Kong and its violation of Hong Kong’s Basic Law, which led the United States to cancel Hong Kong’s free trade agreement. It reported extensively on Dr. Yan Limeng and the truth about the virus, pointing out that the virus is a unrestricted bioweapon made by the CCP’s PLA laboratory, which shocked the entire world. And its performance in the U.S. election this year has made people look at it even more. Before the election, G-TV and GNews disclosed a lot of the Biden family’s corruption, and how they collaborated with the CCP to sell-out America. It enabled the American people to see the true face of the Biden family, and as a result, a large number of votes flowed to Trump in the election. After the election, the Democratic Party’s numerous frauds and cheating were reported in a timely manner in G-News, so that the American people could see the truth as soon as possible.

G-TV and GNews have changed the United States and the world. It has experienced hundreds of millions of hacker attacks every day, but it has stood firmly and spread the truth to people. It is like a bright light in the dark illuminating the whole world.

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