The New Federal State of China Joined Million MAGA March to Support President Donald Trump | The Capital News Digest — Nov. 15, 2020

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1. President Trump Signs Executive Order Declaring National Emergency to Prevent CCP Threat to US Capital

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President Trump signed an executive order on Thursday, declaring a national emergency to prevent CCP threat to US capital. This order bars US investments in Chinese companies owned or controlled by China’s military because Beijing is “increasingly exploiting United States capital” to develop its military and intelligence capabilities. The order could impact some of China’s biggest companies. 

According to Mr. Miles Guo, President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency is the beginning of economic and technological warfare.

First, this action is the beginning of an economic war that will result in decoupling. All CCP corporate assets in the US and public and private companies within the CCP jurisdiction will be completely seized. This is to tell the US market that decoupling from the US is imperative and that the Hong Kong dollar, the RMB, the Shanghai-Hong Kong financial system is about to collapse.

Secondly, economic warfare is to prepare for modern cyber warfare, which, at its core, is aimed at cyber enterprises. Pompeo privately stresses that he is determined to push down the CCP firewall in his tenure as the Secretary of State. The United States has been adamant that it must overthrow the firewall; it must destroy the CCP.

The first step in knocking down the firewall is to sanction the US high-tech companies that helped the CCP build its firewall. What is more important is to take full action on technology. The international fiber optic cable, the Hong Kong submarine cable, and the fiber optic cable around the Taiwan Sea are already fully prepared for protection according to military standards, including space-to-CCP communications systems.

This means that the two countries have entered a full-scale state of military warfare. The U.S. will turn off all U.S.-controlled technology chips, international fiber optic cables, and Internet service systems, including the I.C.A. mandate. The war to take down the firewall is already underway!

2. US Federal Election Commission Chairman Says 2020 US Election Is Illegitimate Due To Widespread Fraud

On November 6, Michigan GOP Chair Laura Cox claimed that the software by Dominion Voting Systems caused 6,000 votes in Antrim County, Michigan, to switch from Trump to Biden. The Dominion’s technology serves 40%, over 70 million voters in the United States, including those in crucial swing states. 

Forensic investigation of every change in the data reveals that about 3.9 million Trump’s votes have been stolen. The research discovered that Dominion deleted 2.7 million trump votes nationwide.

Domino’s whistleblowers are beginning to expose problems with the company’s systems. Dominion has a CCP background, and its software shows evidence that CCP rigged the US election to help Biden win. The software offers its direct use of AI technology for fraud and forgery.

GreatGameIndia also found that the vendors and not hackers may be behind the rigging. They show that Dominion has a long history of an allegation of election rigging and interference in various nations’ elections, including census data theft in India. The three whistleblowers of the voting software company reported that the software deleted or changed 38 million votes. 

On November 14, an equally important bombshell came out. The US Army raided the German software company Scytl and seized the Dominion servers, obtaining fraud in the US elections. They recovered “very convincing” data detailing the vote switching process. Scytl provides election systems for one-third of the electoral jurisdictions in the United States. In 2014, Scytl reported customers in more than 35 countries. It is a Spanish company that has gone bankrupt. Like Dominion, Scytl has a long history of election fraud in various countries/territories. It embedded backdoors in its election software. 

As a result of this widespread fraud, US Federal Election Commission Chairman Trey Trainor considers the 2020 US presidential election to be illegitimate.

3. The New Federal State of China Joined Rally on Saturday in the Nation’s Capital to Support President Donald Trump

On November 14, the New Federal State of China carried out a pro-Trump rally, standing with the American people in support of President Trump’s re-election. Against the backdrop of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s widespread voting fraud, hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters rallied in the nation’s capital in support of President Donald Trump. 

The Hill reported that President Trump made an early appearance Saturday at the “Million MAGA March,” with many supporters cheering him on. Trump stayed in his car but drove slowly past the crowd, waving at supporters. Supporters chanted “USA! USA!” as the president’s motorcade passed by.

The New Federal State of China chose to stand with the American people who stand for justice and launched simultaneous marches in multiple parts of the United States, Australia, and Canada to support Trump. On November 14, hundreds of fellow fighters from Himalaya Vanilla Hill Farm, Washington DC Farm, Connecticut Farm, Phoenix Farm, Los Angeles Farm, San Francisco Farm, and other farms in Asia gathered in Washington DC to support lawful election and President Trump, and demand an investigation into CCP interference in the US election. At 8 am, they began at the Sylvan Theater, east of the Washington Monument. At 2 pm, they lined up for the march, chanting “Take down the CCP”, “We want Trump”, “Four more years”. At 4 pm, Mr. Guo connected with these fellow fighters on the ground, providing his encouragement and support. 

This event by the New Federal State of China demonstrated the will and determination of the new Chinese; it showcased their ability of organization and passion for liberty and rule of law; it painted a brand new image of the Chinese people who refuse to be silenced any more. After the event, Mr. Guo received a message from the White House that President Trump is grateful for the support of The New Federal State of China.

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