American Election Is Being Stolen, Future China Must Pursue One Person, One Vote

Mr. Miles Guo was interviewed by David and Han Meimei from the MOS Talk (香草山访谈) and said that, by learning the lesson from the US election, China must pursue one person, one vote and an independent judicial system in the future. America’s capitalism is at its end stage and has big problems: “If you have capital, you have a say; if you have capital, you can be God; if you have capital, you basically can do whatever you want.” He said, “Capital can rape of public opinion” and “announce who is the President-elect!”

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Mr. Miles Guo:

We Chinese must pursue one person, one vote. This is the western democracy that Americans have been enjoying for more than two hundred years: the power of a nation belongs to its people and a one person, one vote democracy in a political system. Yes, China must realize an independent judicial system. If America loses the independent judicial branch today, who knows how the nation will end up. China will definitely head for a system with checks and balances through three branches of government, freedom of religion, an independent judicial branch, and one person, one vote. We must learn America’s lesson today. Capitalism is in the end stage; what I’m talking about is the post-capitalism era while we are pursuing righteousness-ism. We must know what righteousness-ism is. We must begin with the best education, so everyone knows that a man should not put capital first when he lives in this world. Capitalism is well reflected in America: If you have capital, you have a say; if you have capital, you can be the God; if you have capital, you basically can do whatever you want. And Wall Street, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley are all like this. Capital can rape of public opinion. Look at Twitter, YouTube, Google, CNN, and Wall Street; they are all gangsters and totally communists which has been completely exposed.

David and Meimei, can you imagine that they dare to steal the American Presidency? American media can announce who is the President-elect!  When you talk about election fraud, they can shut you up and say you are against laws. Thirdly, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden accused that President Trump was elected in 2016 due to the Russian government’s interference earlier, whereas today, he [Biden] announced he was elected, with no interference, while actually he did it through election fraud. What a scoundrel logic! This is exactly like what the CCP does. If you didn’t interfere the election, just let the media speak and let Lao-bai-xing, the deplorable speak. Why don’t you allow the deplorable speak? That is their basic human right. These people have become typical communists – they should be called American Communists. This is a rape of public opinion from the American people because they are not allowed to speak, not allowed to question the election result, and not allowed to file lawsuits. They are forced to accept that Trump has lost and Biden has won.

We’ve repeatedly stated that we don’t want to get involved in American politics. We don’t care who is with which party. What we care is who befriends with the CCP, who are American communists, who push America to communism. If President Trump wants to take down the CCP, he is our friend; if he now wants to be a friend of the CCP, he will be our enemy. Regardless who is our enemy or our friend, the American Constitution gives you the freedom of speech, so you can speak freely, but you need to be responsible for what you said. But today, they do not even let you express yourselves. Do you still feel safe? Who can feel safe?  If they do not allow anyone to speak, then there must be some dirty deed that couldn’t see the light. In the current world, North Korea, Communist China, Iran, and Cuba have a firewall, which was actually built by America tycoons. But now, they have built a firewall inside of America. How ridiculous and pathetic!

In the future, Chinese people must have an election system with one person, one vote, an independent judicial branch, the freedom of religion, and an absolutely, legally responsible and independent media, that is the fourth power. We’ve learned a lot from this. I deeply believe that the powerful and mature America has the best ability in the world to correct its own mistake and recover from it. I have been dealing with the CCP officials in past few decades and admiring the most the rule of law in America and America’s strength, resilience, and brave and hardworking people. Today, I truly believe that America’s brave and hardworking people, its ability of self-correction, together with its rule of law will turn this constitutional crisis and election crisis into the greatest opportunity of America’s. We will see millions of people just like David joining us to save the world. Thank you!

Ms. Han Meimei:

Thank you so much, Mr. Guo. Yes, we Chinese, Americans, and also people in many other countries need to hear what you just said – those blunt statement of facts – to wake us up, to let us know what we are facing now and how we should deal with such an evil political party. 

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