Mr. Miles’s Message to the Young People of the New Federal State of China

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Miles Guo, in response to a question from Ms. Meimei Han on the cultivating of personnel of the New Federal State of China, put forward four points in the live link-up program “Million MAGA March” to support the president Trump. It’s very touching and I’d like to shares them with our fellows  here (summarized paraphrase).

      1. Stick to what you believe  and don’t worry about what others’ words because it is time- wasting and eventually it will disable you.

      2. Love yourself, respect yourself and build confidence.

      3. Cherish your healthy, youth and persevere with action! A solid accumulation will bring a quantum leap!

      4. You’re unique. We can’t do without you!

 Screenshot of live-show of“Million MAGA March” to support the president Trump

I was enlightened by the Whistleblower Movement and I feel very strongly about the first point. Growing up in a CCP education environment, I was always a yes man, always “guessing”. When I was young, I always wondered if the teacher would like what I was doing or not. When I wrote essays, I always wondering whether the ideas are in line with “mainstream” values and whether we can get  high marks. When I fell in love, I had to guess whether my girlfriend would like the gifts I gave to her. At work, I had to guess whether the leaders, bosses and Party .A approve of the proposals I made and the reports I wrote. I’ve been living in “other people’s perceptions”, and not confident in what I was doing, and I was always looking backwards, wasting a lot of time and squandering a lot of opportunities and talents.

And in the thousands of times from Mr. Guo’s live broadcast, I’ve noticed one detail. When Mr. Guo is talking on air, he often stops to adjust the camera, or respond to the person next to him, etc. If it were me, “care about other’s views”, I will think  that “so many people watching, stopping is a live accident”. But by doing so, Mr. Guo, although there are some pauses, ensured good camera angles or improved live video effects for the rest of the show, as well as keep him in a better mood and a better performance. Wouldn’t that just save himself time and a complete demonstration of your abilities?

This example also leads to another point, strong execution. Mr. Guo has mentioned many times that if a young man’s hands are quicker than his brain and his actions are quicker than his ideas,he will be succeed for sure. Just as what Mr. Guo said in his connection with King William and Tangping today that he wanted to give them a set of gifts and immediately sent a message to his assistant. There are countless examples of a minute passion. Thinking back, aren’t there many moments in our lives when an idea comes into minds, but after some time thinking and making plan, it’s too late to conduct it. Action is an important lesson.

Building confidence and loving ourselves is an important cornerstone to improving our ability to take action. The confidence allows us to be free of distractions, and to persevere in what we identify as our own. As Mr. Guo said, one day, when you look back at what you have done, you will be proud of yourself. At that time, there will be immense joy.

At the same time, we are changing our destiny each time we break through. I believe that every fellow who participates in the Whistleblower Movement is chosen by God and has a mission. For example, Dr. Yan, a year ago, She celebrated her birthday just  in the laboratory or at home, but now, because of her bravery, her kindness, and her stepping forward, she has made it to the world’s top stage and influenced the fate of human beings!

Finally, persistent action and accumulation. In this Whistleblower Movement, each of us is tiny and insignificant, but we are like the fluttering wings of a butterfly in the Amazon jungle, capable of whipping up stormy waves. Every little bit of us, together into rivers and lakes, fellows of the world, performing  their skills, together into an indestructible force, will be able to destroy the Chinese Communist Party.

My fellows, You’re the one. We can’t do it without you! With our hands, we will overthrow the Chinese Communist Party so that our 1.4 billion people can all live in a decent and dignified life!


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