Rudy Giuliani: Dominion Voting System Has Close Ties With China 

Reported by Rica Machioni Contributor:Magnum 44

On November 15th, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani conducted an interview with Maria about the Dominion Voting System that caused millions of voter fraud nationwide may have very close ties with China. 

“This Dominion company is a radical left company. One of the people there is a big supporter of Antifa and has written horrible things about the President for the last three or four years. And the software that they used is done by a company called Smartmatic” said Giuliani. 

The Dominion Voting System was designed for Hugo Chavez, the former President of Venezuela, to cheat in the elections. Smartmatic was founded by Chavez in 2004, teaming up with a partly Chavez’s government-owned software company, Bitza, to provide election voting services. In 2004, Chavez used Smartmatic with a “redesigned” code to run for the election. According to Giuliani, the Smartmatic Voting System was banned in US decades ago, however, it came back as a sub-contractor this time to the country. 

In the interview, they specifically talked about that the Smartmatic system has a “backdoor” that allows a third party to monitor the election result in real-time and understand the performance of other parties. That is also the reason why the Democratic Party urged for a stop in calling the swing states because  they could obtain time to make fraudulent ballots. For example, in Detroit Michigan, in which it was obvious that President Trump had incomparable leads on the election night, stopped the vote cast at night, and mysteriously showed a huge ballot advantage for Biden on the following day. Four witnesses claimed that they have evidence proving 100,000 ballots came to Detroit at 4:30am in the morning on Nov 4th, with pre-filled names of Biden. 

“The company that invested in Dominion Voting System was Sequoia Capital,” Lude explained in his webcast show on November 15. He discussed that the actual chairman behind the Sequoia Capital was Shen Nan Peng, a Chinese investor, also called the “King of Network,” alleging that Shen obtains control over many tech companies. 

In fact that was not the first time people claim that the Dominion has strong ties with China. On November 14th, President Trump posted a 7 seconds short clip on his Twitter showing John Poulos, the CEO and President of the Dominion Voting System, claimed that their products contain components that came from China during The House Administration Committee conference in January this year.

As batches of clues are all appointing to Communist China, it is a national security concern that the United States should immediately take on the action.


Maria Bartiromo with Rudy Giuliani:

Lude’s Webcast November 15th, 2020, night show:

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1 year ago

OMG! Unexpectedly, the greatest country in the world did use the same voting system as Venezuela’s dictator Chavez used… The swamp is way too deep in the United States.