Summary of the Mr. Mask Show 11/15/2020

Translator: W Y. W
Proofreading: Mr. Snail


1. The parade in Washington DC in support of President Trump with the participation of the New China Federation shocked the world once again! This is the stage for the New Federal State of China(NFSC) to enter the world with a new brand image. Every New Chinese of NFSC is excited and proud.

Recently, President Trump, his supporters and team have had a lot of good news about CCP cheating in the election and a series of good news that will help win the election. The voices of various departments supporting President Trump with evidence began to be exposed more and more.

When a reporter asked Secretary of State Pompeo about the final elections winner, Biden or President Trump, Secretary of State Pompeo firmly stated that there is only one president of the United States, It is President Trump. Mr. Navarro made it clear that the operation of the White House which is under the assumption that there will be a second Trump administration period (It means he does not recognize Biden’s election). From the very direct and firm statements of these important figures, the outcome of the next events can be foreseen.

The parade in support of President Trump shocked the world; the slogan of Trump 2020 appeared in the sky over Australia; It indicates that people of United States, China and the world, the people are standing up to Trump, the people are standing up to Guo, and people are standing up to the Whistleblower Movement and the new NFSC. Destroy the Communist Party!

2. The former FBI agent and Joe Biden staff have been arrested. I believe that it is very closely related to this election and many events (it means that President Trump and his team and the legal system of the United States have already begun to take action, and everything has already begun). Former Central Intelligence Director Gina Haspel did not attend the latest meeting of President Trump, and the Secretary of Defense Esper was also fired a few days ago. This is a sign that the United States’ national machinery has begun to take action. All lackeys who once colluded with, bowed to and helped CCP will be caught, and none will be left behind.

3. The original data in the server seized by the US military shows that President Trump won by an overwhelming 410 votes! ! ! A series of recent news indicate that President Trump will win the final election. But the final result requires a process and legal procedures. In this process, the people in the United States who were BGY in the deep and shallow swamps began to be exposed one by one, and the true patriots of the United States began to stand up to President Trump.

4. President Trump reposted the video today: Dominion’s CEO John Prolos admitted that their products do have components from China. (The core component of this voting device comes from CCP, which shows that CCP has affected the American election, trying to mess up the United States, weaken the United States, and kill the United States. CCP wants to kill President Trump and prevent the United States from being great). The CCP’s actions on this general election are making them go to the hell faster.

When President Trump announces his re-election, a series of more violent actions will follow, and all those involved in the fraud will not be able to escape. Mr. Pete Navarro retweeted this tweet by President Trump and wrote: Death of American democracy by China? It implies CCP is the killer of the core values of American democracy. The so-called support for Biden is an illusion created by scammers who manipulated the election and were bought by BGY’s interests and cooperated with the media. And those who support President Trump: From our fellow fighters to so many Americans who support President Trump, it can be seen that it is completely spontaneous, and it is true to defend the cornerstone of the democratic legal system and justice in the United States.

5. Mr. Guo mentioned in the video yesterday that many countries are threatened to congratulate Biden. Use the market and money to coerce and lure these countries into declamation insincerely. This is the consistent practice of CCP. Although some countries have succumbed, many countries, including Russia, still have not succumbed.

6. CCP Reference News published the news on November 14, citing Reuters reports. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin congratulated Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris at the regular press conference. But at the same time, it said that China understands that the outcome of the U.S. election will be decided in accordance with U.S. laws and procedures. what does this mean? The CCP is obviously culpable, knowing that the time to make a decision in accordance with the general election procedures and US laws is when the Biden and the forces behind them disappear or even go to jail.

7. In the Fox program hosted by Rudolph, regarding the voting machine, he mentioned that President Trump is conducting further investigations of the Dominion voting machine.

This Dominion voting system has been adopted in 28 states across the country, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and other swing states. As early as January 2019, the Secretary of State of Texas pointed out in a report a series of problems and hidden dangers in the Dominion 5.5A voting machine model of the Democracy Kit. In the end, the Texas Secretary of State’s Office decided not to use Dominion’s voting system in Texas.

8. In a video, the US congressman revealed that the SCYTL server had stolen votes. In order to prevent President Trump’s leading position in Michigan, by injecting thousands of votes from Dominion, this is completely fraudulent. The evidence collected from SCYTL is very convincing. The company, which is now headquartered in Frankfurt and is filing for bankruptcy, is responsible for summarizing voting information on all machines. German Chancellor Merkel said the day after the election that President Trump should admit the result of the election. How many votes were there to switch from Republicans to Democrats? How many votes were changed when they came in and returned? It is easy to judge from SCYTL’s information.

9. My fellows, how many people, companies, organizations, and the forces behind this election are involved. Who has such great power? Only CCP. Who is the most beneficial for such a large amount of money to influence the US election? CCP. If President Trump wins, they are over; if President Trump loses, they can survive again. The entire election has become an election of CCP to the American national legal system and the American people. It has become an absolute opposition between Satan the Devil and human civilization. The punishment of CCP’s trial must be worse than that of the Nazis. After President Trump confirmed his re-election, as Mr. Guo said, he must be delinked from CCP. The sanctions against military-backed companies have just begun several days ago. When the United States enters a state of national emergency, President Trump has too many rights, and CCP is still dying all the time, so the outcome of CCP can be imagined.

10. Several questions mentioned in Mr. Guo’s latest video:

Without any suspense, President Trump must be the President of the United States of America on January 20. A reborn American president and a reborn United States of America, America must be Great Again. But there are 2 concerns:

The first concern is the personal safety of President Trump. Mr. Guo has warned him several times that the President has also been very aware of it. Mr. Guo is very worried and knows what CCP dares to do and what it wants to do. This is judgment supported by intelligence, not prediction.

11. Targeting the internal swamp of the United States. In particular, these traitorous media, theft media, and criminal media can no longer hide under the so-called 230 Act and the Second Amendment to commit crimes.

12. It is hoped that the United States can fix and improve the modern electoral methods under the constitutional election system and stop so many things from happening again. At the same time, to find out who is behind the scenes, it must be severely punished. This is a national crime. Neither internal nor external crimes can be spared.

13. It is hoped that the United States can fully recover the economy, and the prerequisite for economic recovery is to face the truth of the virus epidemic and find out the truth and source of the virus.

My fellows, everyone sees that President Trump will definitely will the election, so the CCP will definitely become more crazy. President Trump is able to get the support of so many American people. I believe he also knows very well that it is because he is fighting the devil; he is eradicating the greatest enemy of mankind, the Communist Party, communism, and the evils of the American swamps that blend with it. power. President Trump is defending the last holy land and last hope of mankind, the United States.

14. Mr. Linwood (famous lawyer) recently tweeted: CCP wants to use computers and mailed ballots to cheat and interfere with our general election. They thought that we would be deceived and that we could abolish our legitimately elected president with no effort. They were simply wrong.

Fellows, more and more voices, those we have heard and those we haven’t heard; those who have seen and haven’t seen (people) have all begun to stand up to Trump at the most critical time of humanity. On the side of President Trump, people stood on the side of justice, faced CCP together, and eliminated CCP together.

15. In an interview with Rudolph, Sidney Powell (lawyer) said: She can’t wait to show all the evidence collected about the Dominion system when not stop searching (other evidence). For example, some governors and secretaries of state obtain evidence of financial benefits by investing in the Dominion system. By investing in voting machines to fill your pockets, you can either ensure the success of the election or you can benefit your family from it. Regarding this serious fraud, she believes that even if the states are so stupid to continue to verify the votes, the election results will be revoked by the court cause of fraud.

It is indisputable that President Trump won the election overwhelmingly. There is statistical evidence that hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots have been squeezed in and repeated vote operations. It requires a large-scale criminal investigation because it affects millions of voters.

The people responsible for election security in the Department of Homeland Security should have been fired yesterday. They are too outrageous, including FBI Director Ray. The only time a witness interrogated by the FBI tried to intimidate and make the witness change the original testimony.

In essence, this is a new American revolution. Anyone who wants this country to remain free must immediately come forward, stand on the side of justice, and report frauds in voting, which is a federal felony. This voting system is designed for fraud. It has been used all over the world to go against the wishes of those who desire freedom. It was an organized and fraudulent act with the assistance of Silicon Valley, technology giants, social and news media companies. It is indeed very dirty and chaotic, and the scope is farther, broader, and deeper than imagined, but she will definitely expose the shady and spot the bad guys one by one. Will zoom in soon.

16. Look at the CCP reference news. The news slandered that Secretary Pompeo’s visit to Vietnam was deliberately instigating the South China Sea dispute. Everyone must see clearly that this is a consistent way CCP deceives the public. Citing  “pointed out by foreign media” or ” by a unamed source” is actually fabricated by distorting facts. Our observation is that Pompeo’s visit to Vietnam is to isolate the CCP before the South China Sea operation, and first negotiate with the countries surrounding the CCP. Therefore, I believe that after President Trump is re-elected, the United States will “demolition” the South China Sea as Mr. Bannon said early on. So what Secretary Pompeo do now is to unite allies to reach agreement. What CCP does is to win by evil forces and threaten countries around the world, and try to kidnap its own evil chariot to fight the Justice League.

17.In Mr. Linwood’s recent public speech. He talked about this as a constitutional crisis. If it is not resolved and the truth is not found, the American people will lose the rights conferred by the Constitution. He said that in the 43 years of legal work, he never dreamed that there would be censorship in the United States. If they deprive them of the right to freedom of speech, what will they deprive them of next? Will the right to go to church be restricted? What’s next? When the rights granted by the First Amendment are cancelled, they will (continue to) cancel the rights granted by the Second Amendment, and then they will deprive the people of their right to legitimate litigation, and then they can send anyone to prison. As long as his voice against the ruler is made, one maybe is not even allowed to seek a jury. Constitutional rights will be deprived, which is a constitutional crisis. He called for finding out the truth, which is about the battle between truth and lies.

He agreed with former Georgia Governor Padou’s statement that every legal ballot should be counted, and no illegal ballot should be counted. Illegal is illegal. Republican observers were sent home, and then within three hours of counting votes in Fulton County without Republican observers, what happened? Because something did happen, this is not a coincidence, something abnormal happened. The current situation is definitely not the whole truth. What the people need is the whole truth, not just the part truth. (The United States) is a nation based on God, (remind everyone) never forget this.

My fellows, today’s live broadcast is here. Thank you for your support. I hope you can like, forward, comment, and share. In addition, after considering our program, I can have my fellows express their opinions and opinions in the last 10 minutes. I always hope that more fellows can participate in the program, so that more fellows can speak out. Well, dear fellows, see you next time!

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