New Federal State of China in Million MAGA March Supporting for Trump | Daily Express – Nov.15.2020

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Key Points:

 1, Trump drives by supporters at DC march

 2, CCP’s power comes from WallStreet, HollyWood, Silicon Valley, Washiton DC, deep State in America

3, The Trump team has significant and legitimate evidence of election fraud.

4, New Federal State of China in Million MAGA March Supporting for Trump


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 Amazing Day!

Million MAGA March Support for Trump
New Federal State of China in Million MAGA March Supporting for Trump


Miles Guo (Wengui Guo)on GTV.ORG



Nov, 14 First Part CCP’s power comes from WallStreet, HollyWood, Silicon Valley, Washiton DC, deep State in America

1.CCP’s power comes from WallStreet, HollyWood, Silicon Valley, Washiton DC, deep State in America and some west interest groups from european, CCP saved by them for many times.
2.very few CCP family and some interest groups in America control the safety of all Chinese, all Americans, even all people from all over the world!

  1. living in a world controlled by censored and fake media world or fight back to let people know that no matter where you are now, you are slaved by the CCP and the interest group behind them.
  2. the deep state from America that has lots of long term investmenst in China,so called China old friends, force the government in Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and Japan to annouce that Joe Bidden is the new president of United States in the past 7 or 8 days. we all know that there is not certain result of the new election yet, but why they force different countries to do things like this, the reason is very simple that Joe Bidden’s familly has been corrupted with CCP, the deep states want them to keep slaving all Chinese people to benefit themselves as they always do
  3. we don’t step into American politics, and whoever helps us take down the CCP is our friend, but whoever helps CCP is our enemy. our priciple on this is quit simple and easy, whoever is CCP’s enemy is our friend!
  4. CCP manupulate American president election with software made by China,
  5. CCP made and sent the virus to America to kill American people,
  6. CCP steal and affect American technology and jobs

Nov, 14 Second Part Significance of the New Federal State of China Rally in Support of President Trump

The American Constitution and the Amendments are the basis of modern human civilization. The Chinese Communist Party cadres let all their families, their illegitimate children live in the West because they trust the rule of law and belief in God in the democracies. Ever since the beginning of the “Whistleblower Movement”, Mr. Guo has been telling the West that elites from the Wall Street, the Silicon Valley, Hollywood are undermining the basis of the American democracy and pushing the ideology of socialism and communism. This small group of elites want to take control of the majority of human wealth and population forever, depriving basic human rights and dignity from the “laobaixing”, and ruin the American Constitution and Freedom of Speech. The CCP has infiltrated all American main-stream media and big techs with its “Blue-Gold-Yellow” scheme (intelligence, bribery and homey trap) and “3F” plan (to weaken, mess up and kill America), launching an “unrestricted warfare” onto every aspect of the American way of life. 

For the last two weeks, America has witnessed and suffered the indecency and malign tactics of media oppression and misinformation, like twitter, Facebook, CNN, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal… But imagine living under a harsh dictatorship for 7 decades, having no freedom of speech or protest, all basic human rights being taken away. That’s what the Chinese people are living through day after day, generation after generation. The Wall Street, Hollywood, big techs and Washington are responsible for this disaster, because without their money and technology, the CCP by no means could survive and enslave the Chinese people for so long. They know perfectly the slave labor in China, the dead bodies at the “June 4 Tiananmen Square”, the selling out of the CIA informants and Hong Kong, and the fragility of the Taiwan relationship, and yet, they are still colluding with the CCP. They owe the Chinese people. 

Now the elites are trying to impose the same dictatorship on the American people. They even want to steal the Election from the people. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, CNN, WSJ…they are trying so hard to block different voices, spread misinformation, take away people’s freedom of speech, cover up voter fraud and manipulate public opinions. They even threaten the American people that either Biden be elected or “Antifa” will riot in the streets. This is outrageous and pathetic. The world have seen a firewall in Communist China. The media and big techs are building one in the U.S., totally ignoring the laws and human rights. They are the CCP in the U.S.. 

It’s time democracy, rule of law and freedom were given back to the Chinese people. The people of the New Federal State of China stand out today to show their support for President Trump because President Trump and his team will fight with us to take down the CCP. We know it’s the only way to free the Chinese people, as well as to defend America’s national security and dignity, and uphold its Great Power status in the world. We believe President Trump will win the 2020 Election. The Constitution and the American people get to decide who will be their president, not the media or the big techs. This is a historical opportunity for the America to improve their electoral system, drain the swamp and enter a new era, to “Make America Great Again”. 

The New Federal State of China will follow the best democracies in the world and have an electoral system where all Chinese people get to vote and choose their own leaders too. We learn from the experience and mistakes from the West and will establish a system with separated powers, freedom of religion, rule of law and independence of media. 


11.14 Washiton DC, support Trump march: from Washiton, Los Angeles, Canada, Japan, Australia…, all New Federal State of China people stay together to support Trump, support Truth, Terminate the CCP!


Dr Li-Meng YAN:       COVID-19 is Unrestricted Bioweapon

Dear Dr. Yan, Happy Birthday. Thank you for all you have done for the world. Please find attached the list of all your TV interviews.…@DrLiMengYAN1 We love you.

Steve Bannon War Room


War Room: Pandemic Ep 503

#SteveBannon: The #AMERICAFIRST movement leads an alliance of freedom, democracy
That’s what you’re seeing today in #WASHINGTON

#SteveBannon: We are seeing a gathering of tens of thousands of people who support President #TRUMP and are not going to back down.
We’re going to secure the victory of November 3.#WarRoomPandemic@warroom2020#ELECTIONRESULTS#RECOUNT

@frontlineamerica : If the Left gets away with the stealnow , patriots will continue and ramp up the fight until 2022, 2024.
We want to see this go to the 
President #TRUMP won and will be POTUS for #FOURMOREYEARS.
#WarRoomPandemic @warroom2020#TRUMPSUPPORTERS

War Room: Pandemic Ep 504

Lude Media:

11/13/2020 Giuliani On Fox: There Were More Evidence Blocked Trump’s Victory; “Taiwan Never A part of China” by Secretary Pompeo, Means What? CCP Immigration Issue Order to Control Chinese People International Travel.

1. The Trump team has significant and legitimate evidence of election fraud. U.S. Army raided software company Scytl and confiscated Dominion servers in Gremany to obtain evidence of election fraud, according to U.S. Rep. Louis Gohmert.

2. The next legal action against Scytl, finding out who is behind it — the Chinese Communist Party — is the key. Behind the Dominion program is the Chinese Communist Party, related to Alibaba and Jack Ma. The Dominion program use big data and artificial intelligence to fabricate votes, which involved electoral fraud in many countries. Trump tweet: Dominion System removes 2.7 million Trump votes.

3. Acquire the address of the Dominion server with intelligence support. Qin Cheng prison released by the Chinese Communist Intelligence personnel. Luther alludes to the Whistleblower Movement’s intelligence contribution to this mission.

4. The great change in the American intelligence community was gradually in process. Trump fired Esper, replaced Miller and Kash Patel, and ditchthe CIA for this big move. The director of the FBI and some members of Department of Homeland Security will also be fired.


1、Peter Navarro has said that the White House has prepared for the TRUMP’s second president term intensively. All of the workers in the White House have told the world that TRUMP will surely be in the second president term.
2、The fake news has said that Biden has been the winner, so that if lose the election, they will say TRUMP has stolen the result, thus they will prepare for the disturbance with the media but not law in the future.
3、Tomorrow there will be about 7 thousands and 3 millions of people trusting for Trump parade, please pay attention to the broadcast in GTV.
4、Giuliani said The fraud in the election in many cities is a systematic coordination behavior, they also have fraud training. We have showed off the method of fraud in two of the states. The show of fraud behavior is also a strategy for waking up the public opinion.
5、The super lawyer Lin Woods has standed out for Trump, he exposed
Biden’s fraud. The scytl company is purchased by Biden family. The scytl company was raided by a large army force and their severs which have a lot of date exchange storage about election fraud were seized in Frankfurt.

Twitter & Parler

MAGA March support for trump. Seems more important than Election Day!


U.S Army Seized Servers in #Germany Tied to #Dominion Voting System

【In-depth report】#Pennsylvania election analysis: HUGE indisputable and anomalies data emerged

Hundreds of thousands of people showing their support in D.C. They will not stand for a Rigged and Corrupt Election!

“I promise you: We will keep fighting until every legal vote is counted, until every illegal vote is thrown out, and we will never stop fighting to make America great again.”

Congress must now do a Covid Relief Bill. Needs Democrats support. Make it big and focused. Get it done!

There is tremendous evidence of wide spread voter fraud in that there is irrefutable proof that our Republican poll watchers and observers were not allowed to be present in poll counting rooms. Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and others. Unconstitutional!

Communist China Fake News

CCP‘s media Global Times: Ivanka takes three kids out of school after parents complain about!

  • School authorities and parents have been angered by the lack of compliance with the rules, with US media reporting that Ivanka And Kushner have taken their three children out of school.
  • US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her son-in-law Jared Kushner have dropped out of school, CNN reported Wednesday, after school officials and other parents raised concerns about the family’s compliance with anti-epidemic regulations.
  • Editors Comment:CCP and CNN are part of Anti-Trump ally.


Whistleblower’s Movement popular glossary


The New Federal State of China

On the 3rd of June 2020 (4th of June 2020 Beijing time) at 07:37 in the evening, the founder of the Whistleblower Movement[1] Miles Kwok (also widely known as Miles Guo or Guo Wengui) inaugurated[2] the founding of The New Federal State of China[3][4][5][6] (NFSC) on his boat Lady May II, moored in front of the Statue of Liberty with five aircrafts flying the NFSC federal flag over New York Harbor in Manhattan, New York City, United States.

Under the rule of law, the citizens of the NFSC who actively exercise their citizenship while, at the same time, being permanently located or dispersed in many places around the world—a country in permanent diaspora, shall follow the Righteous Path,[7] a people-oriented socio-political thought that gives absolute emphasis on the dignity, power, and freedom of all citizens as the beginning and end of a peaceful and prosperous statehood. Miles explains that it is all about giving respect to the human person; people get respect when people have power, and power comes both from material and spiritual sources. In other words, socio-political power emanates from people who, on the one hand, have privacy rights over their wealth and properties and, on the other hand, have free rights over their thoughts, words, and beliefs. With this statehood in mind, all citizens shall put an end to the centralized rule of the Communist Party of China (CCP).

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