The Most Poisonous Attack to Date! Pompeo Expends His Last Burst of Craziness Against China


This is one of the propaganda articles posts by CCP affiliated media. They post an uncountable number of articles like this in China to brainwash Chinese people. Because they blocked all the other news and social media to force people to watch and use the media controlled by CCP. They can wantonly distort the facts or attack anyone or anything just because they want to control all the people’s thinking who live in China. The article below just an example of how does CCP using their propaganda system to attack US Secretary Pompeo.

November 11, 2020 11:55PM, The Global Times

Translated by: Ian Everhart

Original Title: The Most Poisonous Attack to Date! Pompeo Expends His Last Burst of Craziness Against China

On Tuesday, Pompeo delivered a speech at the Reagan Institute in Washington. He threatened that the Trump Administration’s hardline anti-China policies “aren’t over yet.” According to US media reports, Pompeo used the most poisonous rhetoric to date, cursing the Communist Party of China as a “Marxist-Leninist monster,” and describing China’s political system as “authoritarian and barbaric.” This ideological fanatic is about to lose his job as Secretary of State, and it appears he will use the last of his resources to slander China, in order to mark his tenure most prominently as being anti-China.

In his speech on Tuesday, Pompeo admitted that his attitudes towards China were formed during his time as Director of the CIA. This confirms what observers have noted: Pompeo has transformed the position of Secretary of State into a copy of the Director of the CIA. Everyone knows that in many countries, intelligence agencies are hubs for bottom-line thinking, while the State Department or Foreign Ministry is home to more open and tolerant views towards foreign countries. The two tend to balance one another. Pompeo has undermined this balance. He has made the US State Department become even more combative than the CIA, even more animated in the line of confrontation.

Pompeo has tampered with the genes of human diplomacy, and he has humiliated the profession of the Foreign Service with his ghastly and offensive conduct. If one speaks of “wolf warriors,” Pompeo is indeed the “number one wolf warrior” in the world of diplomacy. It’s just that before he’s forced to step down, his screeches are becoming ever more savage, sounding more and more like whining. 

Pompeo is too obsessed with making an enemy of China. He has inserted many of his own fantasies into the artificial China-US rivalry that he manufactured. According to his characterization of China, China and the United States should have already broken off relations. He even goes so far as to assert that the militaries of the two countries should ready for combat with one another. However, China-US relations remain a highly complicated structure. While guarding against one another, the two countries continue to maintain the world’s largest bilateral trading relationship. There is no way to break off ties between China and the United States.

In the end, Pompeo will be a loser. He is the most ardent “China Hater” among America’s governing elite. He uses the most extreme falsehood to describe China. His prescriptions at the policy level are so extreme that they are untenable for broader follow-through. To a great extent, Pompeo’s anti-China extravagance is mere bluff and bombast. Once he goes away, the anti-China rhetoric is certain to lose steam and deflate, as his lies are exposed.

For example, Pompeo threatens that nearly 50 countries and 170 telecommunications companies have joined the United States in what he has cobbled together to call the “Clean Network.” But those countries and companies excluding Chinese telecommunications are doing so for half-hearted reasons. These many differing variables are sure to create a nightmare for Pompeo and his ilk.

Pompeo threatens that China’s current political system will end. It sounds like he’s leaving a political will and testament. To this we would like to tell Pompeo, Socialist China places the interests of the People at the very center, so it will last just as long as the People strive and hope for a beautiful life. China has already outlasted many political opponents who have scurried off to America. If Pompeo lives according to this goal, he will also be exhausted and used up in the end. 

Speaking to this point, we want to remind America’s extreme white right-wingers, the most likely to “change colors” is in fact their own country. The racist political and legal system of “white supremacy” is coming to an end. The meaning and direction of “democracy” is certain to evolve and change. Nonetheless, this all has nothing to do with China. The change of America’s demographic structure is accelerating. America’s existing values systems and interest structure is certain to gradually overturn.

If Pompeo lives longer than the average American, he will see in the next 20 years or so the day when white people are no longer in the majority. He will also see the restructuring across the board in America that this demographic change brings. This is the true political challenge for the United States. So please, worry about America’s problems, and rebalance American politics for the ongoing internal changes.  Confrontation with China cannot provide the salvation for America’s ongoing transition.

This publication’s {The Global Times} editorial, originally titled: {Editorial: Pompeo Expends his Last Burst of Craziness to Solidify China-US Confrontation}

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