CCP Virus Ep290-video: President Trump will win back this election.

  1. Online usury loan industy is getting popular in Communist China. Debt colletion violence causes many students mental disorder or suicide. But the government does not do any regulations.
  2. China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange published data, indicating that the Communist China’s foreign exchange reserves decreased by 96.5 billion RMB (=14.6billion USD).
  3. Alibaba established a new company in Guangdong, mainly engaged in artificial intelligence software development and blockchain services. It aimed, believed by insiders, to continue collecting the hard-earned money from Chinese people and enslaving them.
  4. (Attorney Sidney Powell, with Sunday Morning Futures, 11/8) To manufacture votes for Joe Biden, they have done it in every way imaginable, from having dead people vote in massive numbers to absolutely fraudulently creating ballots that exist only voting for Biden. We’ve identified at least 450,000 ballots in the key states that miraculously only have a mark for Joe Biden on them and no other candidate.  We have got to fight tooth and nail in federal court to expose this abject fraud and the conspiracy behind it and get a recount and audits in every place it’s needed which is frankly most of the country.
  5. (11/8) The state of Arizona, I can formally announce to everyone, President Trump will win it back. That will be a turning point and it will be game-changing.Today I can say with certainty that President Trump will win back this election and it will be because of the New Federal State of China, and this time, the New Federal State of China will also save the Americans. It won’t be because of anyone specifically. No matter what happens in the future, I can tell you, though some things I can’t say, this time it will be up to the New Federal State of China to save the U.S. and the world.

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