【In-depth report】The Bidens’ corruption in Obama Care Plan


The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has always ruled the country under falsehood, and touting itself as a proletarian party. Every CCP senior officials present a united stance in public: upstanding and clean hands. However, they are Stealing large amounts of national wealth in the dark through a variety of nepotism and white gloves. Perhaps “Be a rascal among rascal”, Joe Biden as a former vice president of the United States, has learned this “money-making” method in the long-running collusion process with the CCP.

Numerous Hunter Biden’s emails exposed evidence of corruption by the Biden family around the world. The email below, which involved hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions, never seemed to be mentioned in the media. An analysis of the information in the emails determines that it was also a corrupt deal involving the Biden family, which began as early as the Obama administration. 

This was an e-mail Jeff Cooper replied to Hunter. Before that, Hunter sent an e-mail to Jeff Cooper about a dispute between him and another partner, Eric Scewerin, over the distribution of shares and money. As for Jeff Cooper’s identity, the author explained it in “Jeff Cooper: The White Gloves of the Biden Family.” Jeff Cooper and Hunter are partners at Eudora Global LLC, according to a 2019 archive of Eudora Global LLC’s web page. Screenshots of the web page are as follows:

The “Eudora” mentioned in the email is likely to be Eudora Global LLC, so who do Citizens mean in these Hundreds of millions of dollars deal? A company called GUST published a message on its SaaS (On-Demand Software) platform. This message shows as following below:

Link: https://gust.com/companies/carbotix_llc

In this screenshot of the page above, a man named Randy Delkus, CEO of a company called Citizens Rx and co-founder of Eudora Global, connects the two companies mentioned in the email. The company called Citizens RX, is available at https://citizensrx.com. According to the company’s website, the holder is a company owned by Citizens Rx Holding LLC in Delaware, USA, while the Biden family is from Delaware.

On a website which called Corporatewiki, you can find some companies associated with the Citizen Rx LLC company, as well as a very complex diagram.  The diagram shows all the individuals mentioned above and the company’s information (as shown in the red circle), such as Randy Delkus and Jeffrey Cooper. The only difference is the company name between Eudora Citizens Holding Company LLC and Eudora Global LLC (previously stated). However, the information about Eudora and Citizens described in the e-mail, and the relationship between the two is clear.

Link: https://www.corporationwiki.com/Illinois/Edwardsville/citizens-rx-llc/135412142.aspx

From the website of Citizens Rx LLC’s (https://citizensrx.com/), we can see that this is a pharmacy benefit management (PBM) company. The high cost of health care is well known in the United States; an ordinary person cannot afford to pay for medical expenses without health insurance. As a result, the market is full of different health insurance companies. Health insurance companies usually hire a third-party PBM company to help with drug price negotiations, insurance claims, and prescription drug distribution. Those typically use the PBM institute include commercial health insurance plans, employer-owned insurance plans, Medicare Part D plans, federal employee health benefits programs, and states employee health benefits programs.

On the surface, the PBM companies negotiate drug prices with drug companies through their massive purchases, allowing insurers and individuals to obtain prescription drugs at lower prices. In fact, their profits are staggering. On the one hand, it collects management and service fees from health insurance companies, on the other hand, it receives rebates from pharmaceutical companies. It is no surprise that some of America’s biggest PBM companies earn more than the most significant drug companies, so it is no surprise that Citizens Rx’s 18 per cent stake sells for $300 million.

It is well known that Obama has been vigorously promoting the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act since taking office in 2009, commonly known as “Obama Care Plan”. The health-care plan has also become the top priority of his eight years in office, and at the heart of Obama Care Plan is health-care reform, which aims to achieve universal health care in the United States. In the original health-care package, the Obama administration even proposed a very aggressive move to give the federal government direct access to the health insurance market and provide so-called “public options”.  Although it eventually forced to be repealed, reflected the Obama administration’s strong intent to get involved in the health-care industry.

Since Obama care plan went through Congress compulsively, most Americans have found their health-care costs have risen sharply, which has caused widespread controversy. The so-called “affordable health care” advocated by the Obama administration actually comes from substantial government subsidies. And it was government subsidies that led to the corruption of power. In the end, the American people didn’t benefit from it, but instead, health insurance companies and PBM companies made a lot of money.

Citizens Rx LLC founded under such background in 2010. Biden was vice president of the United States at the time. As the CCP thieves know this well, and Hunter, who he called “one of the smartest guys I know,” took an 18% stake in time. It is clear that the PBM company has been a massive success since the Obama Care Plan, and by 2019 it’s worth a whopping $850 million, and it is time for Biden to sale. Because Hunter’s Eudora company owns an 18 per cent stake in Citizens Rx, he can get 18 per cent of $225 million, or $40.5 million, after deducting the arrears.

Perhaps because of the fermentation of Hunter’s hard drive, in a recent Eudora Global web page, the author found that Hunt’s information has quietly removed from the “Executive Management” column. However, the Internet has memory.  The corrupt claws of Biden families reached not only in Communist China and Ukraine;not limited to gas and oil industry, but also in the health care industry, which closely linked to the American people, and this email is the best evidence.

(The content of the article only represents the author’s opinion)

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