GTV has Become a New Mainstream Media Worldwide

According to Lude Media, more than 20 GTV staff members arrived in DC on November 2, 2020 and began to prepare for the live broadcast of the US general election on November 3, 2020. GTV will fight side by side with the WARROOM hosted by Mr. Steve K. Bannon to witness the historical moment. The broadcast on November 3, 2020 has marked that GTV has stepped into the world’s mainstream media and become the most influential media in mandarin over the world. It is an unprecedented victory for all the Chinese global wise.

It is known to all that GTV is a new media platform developed during the Whistleblower Movement initiated by Mr. Miles Kwok. At the very beginning of the Whistleblower Movement going back to year 2017, Mr. Miles Kwok was blocked by all the mainstream media around the world, which has forced him to move to the self-media field and start his live shows on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. His live shows successfully attracted countless fans and stimulated the rapid development of the self-media over past three years. Unfortunately, several Mr. Kwok’s accounts on YouTube and Twitter were blocked due to the BGY bribery executed by the CCP. This allowed Mr. Kwok to see the darkness in the media world. Also, he knew the potential dangers in case the media being controlled, just like what CCP did in China, the media has become a handy tool for the CCP to fool the Chinese. In order to continue to expose the evils and conspiracies of the CCP, Mr. Kwok decided to create a brand-new social media platform. Based on the principle of TRUTH and FREEDOM, GTV was finally online.

When GTV was founded, it has been infiltrated by intense hackers from the military of the CCP. The development of GTV was unsatisfactory, and various functions were not perfect at all. However, under such difficult conditions, still GTV has become an important platformto spread the truth hidden by other sources of media. No matter whether it was regarding the anti-transmission movement in Hong Kong or the Wuhan pandemic or even the scandal of Biden’s family, GTV has accomplished its mission brilliantly and awaken the people all over the world.

Documents released by the US Department of Justice have proved what Mr. Kwok has revealed over the past three years. What Mr. Kwok revealed has slapped the mainstream media in the United States; meanwhile it has indicated the severe infiltration from the CCP, and such infiltration has jeopardized the freedom of speech in the US. It is clearly that foundation of American spirit has been broken by the CCP. President Trump also denounced the left-wing mainstream media for ignoring the facts and clearly pointed out that there would eventually paybacks.

Th U.S. election on November 3 was the most important election over the history of mankind. The results will directly affect the future of the planet. It was no longer a bipartisan election in the United States, but also a way between the universal value represented by the United States and the evil thoughts represented by the CCP. At this highly anticipated moment, a brand-new media, GTV, turned outagain to reveal the truth covered by the mainstream media. For example, Lude Media on GTV has successfully revealed key information in advance again and again. Nowadays GTV has become one of the few Chinese media in the world that clarifies the truth. After the fall of the CCP, these unscrupulous media will eventually go to the graveyard with the CCP. At that moment, GTV will play an important role to continue to spread the truth in a newborn nation, New Federal States of China.

Author: Lily

Translator: Neal

Himalaya Farm Vancouver – 2020/11/16

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5 months ago

This looks like a very interesting news source and I will continue to follow your progress. Unfortunately your platform is being overrun by spam. Keep up the good fight.