GTV Has Completely Changed Americans’ Understanding of The Media

GTV will genuinely define the new standards and new rules of the game in the media world. A government official said to Mr. Guo at a meeting, “GTV has completely changed Americans’ understanding of the media.“ All attendants at the meeting with Mr. Guo knew about Lude and the Team of Doctors very well, and many other great brothers-in-arms.

The impact the Whistleblower Movement has made around the world is huge! Also, all attendants at the meeting knew about Dr. Yan and said in a profound manner, “Dr. Yan has saved America and the world.” They believed in the scientist Dr. Yan, not the Pfizer drug (vaccine). 

Translation:【 班班 】Proofreading:【阿基米德】【GM80】Transcription:【V%】【Guanghan宝宝】Video Decoding:【恒久忍耐】Video Transfer: 【Isaiah4031】Subtitle:【Rock小哥】 Editor:【GM80】

Presented by the VOG Rose Garden Team

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eliminate CCP

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New American here joining and learning. How can we help defeat the CCP without war??


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