Election Interference: Sanction CCP per Trump’s 2018 Executive Order

While we are in a legal war against election fraud, there is a bigger war going on against the Chinese Communist Party. The Chinese and other foreign regimes will be sanctioned for election interference according to a little-known executive order signed by President Trump on September 12, 2018.

President Trump declares a national emergency in the Executive Order, which is still in effect.

The Trump Administration has already started the process of economic decoupling with the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP’s colluder Wall Street sensed Trump’s resolve. Even Blackstone’s Schwarzman, one of the most prominent CCP-enablers, started to defend Trump during a meeting of top CEOs.

CCP’s interference in the US election has gotten itself into a trap of sanctions, decoupling, and regime change

The 2018 Executive Order authorizes sanctions against foreign individuals and forces for election interference:

Link to the Executive Order


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