Highlights Lude Media(Morning)-Nov 15,2020

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Trump officially appointed a legal team lead by Mayor Giuliani, which officially start

• President Trump has appointed an elite team of lawyers led by Mayor Rudy Giuliani to launch legal battles to strip China’s diplomatic immunity ultimately. The team:

  1. has started with Hunter Biden’s hard drive.
  2. will prove that Communist China has rigged and infiltrated the elections in violation of the U.S. Constitution.
  3. will finally convince the Supreme Court to remove the CCP’s diplomatic immunity.
    • The CCP has bought a large team of elite U.S. attorneys over the years under U.S. criminal entities (e.g., HNA, Ping An Insurance, etc.). These lawyers will be unable to defend them in court due to conflicts of interest if they are eventually required to appear in court.
    • Mr. Lu De reveals that in the future there will be some high-ranking Chinese bureaucrats who come forward to testify against the CCP. And then the Rico Act will serve to wipe out the CCP.
    • Fake news media made Joe Biden’s team believe they have won this RIGGED ELECTION, so they halted the legal battle plan, and Mike Bloomberg’s “Red Mirage” rioters did not show up on the election night. After seeing President Trump’s Million MAGA March on Saturday, they must be regretting that decision right now.
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3 months ago

This reminds me of someone dancing the jitterbug !