Who Are Pressing Many Countries to Recognize Biden as the “President-Elect”?

Mr. Miles Guo, in his GTV livecast in the morning of November 14, 2020, revealed that many mega interest groups had been calling up different countries and influential families, and pressuring them into recognizing Biden as the “President-elect”. Mr. Guo himself had also been threatened by an European leader. According to Miles, the intention was obvious – Biden’s cozy relationship with the CCP would allow them to keep colluding together, and keep the CCP as the ruling power exploiting the Chinese people.

Video source: https://gtv.org/video/id=5fac5324bd0d464fadff4dfb


Yesterday and the day before, several so-called old friends of the Chinese people from the States, and several prominent European families who have long-term investments in China, all called the CCP one after another. They also called the super rich and  political influential families of Iran, Turkey and Pakistan… Including putting pressure on Japan’s powerful families, urging them to recognize Biden to be the President-elect ASAP. 

This is rather common sense that as of now the outcome of the U.S. election is not yet legally decided? Why are these so-called old friends of Chinese making such arrangements from the U.S.? What could be their intention? Isn’t it all because the Biden administration have a great relationship with the CCP? The Biden family. Isn’t it all because Biden can continue to collude with the CCP, continue to support the CCP to go on with ruling and exploiting the Chinese people. 

In particular, some mega-sized interest groups in the U.S. have been resorting to means such as threats and baits, to keep pressuring other countries into recognizing the so-called President-elect Biden. We must keep our eyes sharp. In this regard, they don’t care about the country-borders. They don’t care what is true, what is false! There is no such thing called “stick to the principle”. 

Just now, just 2 hrs ago, a friend of mine who is from a very small European country, called me up in a very polite tone, “Miles, I’d hate to see you under more pressure than in the past few years, Don’t get tangled up in the U.S. politics. It is just as murky…” What was he implying, BIAs? t sounded so simple, but it actually was a threat “If you continue to pursue the truth, advocate the WM and the NFSC to treat the CCP as your enemy, or even on your media outlets, continue to expose Biden colluding with the CCP, “you’ll have to endure something more painful than the past 4 years.” The U.S. politics is just as murky… Wasn’t that obviously a threat? 

I countered, also in a very polite tone, “You must have been living under pressure every day, as your face doesn’t look your age, totally out of proportion. All because you’ve been living with a filthy and dark heart. All mankind now is confronted by this virus, anyone could get infected in the next minute, or even die from it. Back then, on 10/01, the day of the NFSC parade in Manhattan, despite the risks, I rushed towards my BIAs and embraced them. The threats incurred to my life and safety far exceeded the political pressure I may get in the next 4 yrs. But I still did it, just like how I did it so many times in the past few years. In my life, in the dictionary of Miles Guo, there is no such word as ‘fear’, no such word as ‘threat’. It is only because you so much want to live without any fear, without any risks, in turn you’ve made your country so dirt poor. With you being the head of the state for so many years, your people are still stuck with being poor and distressed. You even own a yacht – Can you really enjoy it when cruising in your yacht?” 

This, is the difference between good and evil. Dear brothers and sisters, we cannot have it both ways! We’ve got to remain determined!

Translator:【RD16】Subtitles:【班仔】Transcript:【Cyndi】Video transcoding:【恒久忍耐】Editor:【Isaiah4031】

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3 months ago

Good translation , thank you for the work !

3 months ago

question : who called all those prominent families ?


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