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On October 29, 2020, the 46th day for us to expose the running dog of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), known as Huang-He-Bian(黄河边), whose real name is Bingchen Gao (高冰尘), two people who claimed to be reporters came to the protest site to set up interviews. This time, many of our fellow fighters of the Whistleblowers Movement wanted to know what will happen next. It is only fair that we know who those reporters really are.  Therefore, let’s examine their true identities.

Torstar Corporation and Canada’s largest Newspaper – Toronto Star

“Toronto Star” published an article by Hong-Kong-born journalist Joanna Chiu on October 31, 2020 to smear our fellow fighters.

Image source: Twitter

Joanna Chiu used to be a correspondent for AFP and the German DPA News Agency in China. In Hong Kong, she has reported for the South China Morning Post, The Economist and The Associated Press. She is the founder and chairman of the NüVoices editorial collective and has contributed articles to media such as The Guardian, Foreign Policy, BBC World, Al Jazeera, and The Globe and Mail.

In her article “Confessions of a ‘model minority’: How I’m learning to confront my own biases”, she promoted the hatred of Chinese people on the subject of the CCP virus (i.e. coronavirus) pandemic and her own support and research on “Black Life Matters”. She once wrote “The most influential Canadian policy-maker of the year? Chinese president Xi Jinping”

“Toronto Star” is Canada’s largest circulation newspaper and is owned by Torstar Corporation.

Image source: Torstar

Torstar publishes more than 70 newspapers and operates dozens of digital businesses in Canada through its main business units — Daily News Brands, Community Brands and Digital Ventures. The company has operations in Canada and all over the world. Torstar has also invested in Blue Ant Media Inc., Canadian Press Enterprises Inc., Black Press Limited, Nest Wealth and TeamSnap.

The pro-CCP “Canada Sing Tao Daily”, which is well-known to Chinese Canadians, is jointly owned by Torstar and Hong Kong’s Sing Tao News Corporation.

On August 5, 2020, Torstar was acquired by NordStar Capital, a company owned by Toronto businessman Jordan Bitove and Paul Rivett.

Image source:nordstarcapital.ca

The Macedonian Bitove family is very influential in Canada. Jordan Bitove’s father, John Bitove Sr., had an enormous political and business influence during his lifetime. At present, the Bitove family is active in Canadian sports, telecommunications, medical care, and finance. Among them, John Bitove Jr. is the founder of the Toronto Raptors — a member of the NBA.

Thomson Family and Canada’s 2nd largest Newspaper – the Global and Mail

“The Global and Mail” also published an article to smear our fellow fighters on November 1, 2020. The reporter is Xiao Xu, who speaks Mandarin. Before joining the “Global and Mail”, this person worked for Fairchild Radio, a Chinese-language radio station in Canada.  

Image source:The Global and Mail

Xiao Xu once wrote the article “Data shows an increase in anti-Asian hate incidents in Canada since the onset of pandemic” to make the Asians take the blames for the CCP.  This person also wrote another article, “Death threats among abuse reported by BC Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry, other officials”, touting the Canadian running dog of WHO, Tan Yongshi, and health officials at all levels.

It is ridiculous that “The Globe and Mail” retweeted “If Canadians can vote, Biden will win an overwhelming victory.” Its political stance is obvious.

Image source: Twitter

At the end of 2010, the Thomson family obtained direct control of the Globe and Mail through its Toronto-based holding company Woodbridge, holding 85% of its shares. Bell Canada Enterprises Inc (BCE) holds 15% of the shares. On April 6, 2020, the chairman of the board of Thomson Reuters Group, the David Thomson family, ranked 25th in the “Hurun Global 100 Entrepreneurs” with a fortune of 250 billion yuan.

The friendship between the Thomson family and the CCP began more than 30 years ago. Kenneth Thomson’s father, Roy Thomson, was received by Premier Zhou Enlai. The wealthy Kenneth Thomson, known as “Murdoch of Canada”, inherited the Thomson Company from his father and passed it on to his son David Thomson. Charles Bailey, chairman and president of Canada’s TD Bank, who has known Kenneth for 34 years, said, “Thomson has extraordinary judgment in which areas to invest.”

David Thomson Image source:marketwatch.com

Thomson has evolved from a single structure into two independent holding companies. Among them, Thomson Corporation is a publicly listed company headquartered in Stanford, Wisconsin, USA. The Toronto-based Woodbridge Investment Company is a non-listed company, 70% controlled by the Thomson family, and 40% controlled by Bell Globemedia Publishing Inc., which owns the Globe and Mail and Canada’s largest commercial television network CTV.

Woodbridge is the major and controlling shareholder (62.35%) of the multinational media group –Thomson Reuters Corporation. Thomson Reuters was established on April 17, 2008. It is a business and professional intelligence information provider formed by the merger of two companies, The Thomson Corporation of Canada and the British Reuters Group PLC.

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau speaking at Thomson Reuters, 2016 Image source:borndigital.com

In addition to the Globe and Mail, Thomson also owns the world’s largest information service business with brands such as Westlaw, FirstCall, and Medstat. It provides various professional data to various professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, and financiers via the Internet, and collects high subscription fees. Thomson also operates the academic publishing industry, publishing a variety of textbooks.

The main business of Thomson Group includes four parts: laws and regulations, education, finance, technology and health. Business distribution in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Among them, Thomson Technology, a subsidiary of Thomson Reuters, entered the communist China in 1998. Thomson Technology is a partner of the State Intellectual Property Office of the CCP, providing key tools for patent examination. It also co-sponsored the Chinese (Communist) National Science Citation Database in cooperation with the Chinese (Communist) National Academy of Sciences. It is the first patent information provider to provide the entire contents of the Chinese (Communist) utility model patent registration information in English; its customers include Chinese (Communist) National Academy of Sciences and National Library.

Image souce:tongxieyi.com

At present, Thomson Reuters employs more than 1,500 employees throughout the Communist China. The total number of employees in the mainland China exceeds 900. It has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is also related to Alibaba, Bank of China, Blackstone Group, etc.

After digging up the background of these newspapers, I can no longer pay attention to the little reporters who jumped on the front stage. Instead, it sends a chill down my spine to realize that how widely the magnates control various fields like an octopus. If it weren’t for Whistleblowers Movement, you might still be willing to pay for the subscription of these news, and unknowingly be influenced and manipulated by these consortia in your life. As Mr. Miles Guo, the leader of the Whistleblowers Movement, said recently, the old world will destruct, and a new world will be born soon. Please always hold dear to your heart, the blessings from the Goddess of Wisdom Athena — hope!


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