Dr. Yan Limeng Exposes the Truth About the Chinese Communist Virus Fermenting in Spain

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  • Translator: Ranting

On November 14, the director of the “Himalaya BSC Spain”, Mr. Jack, was interviewed by the “MOS Himalaya” live broadcast of the march in support of Trump, talking about Dr. Yan Limeng’s exposure of the truth of the CCP virus is fermenting in Spain.

Dr. Yan’s revelation of the truth about the virus has caused an uproar among the intellectual elite. According to Jack, a well-known local university professor in Spain is seeking to communicate with Dr. Yan by email to understand the truth about the virus. Accordingly, Jack spoke of the important role that intellectual elites play in awakening the people.

The intellectual elite can more easily discern truth from falsehood, and through them can more quickly and effectively awaken the local population. According to Jack, Himalaya Spain will constantly try to reach out to the local intellectual elite and spread the truth about the virus to them.

Himalaya Spain’s official Parler account, stay tuned!

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1 year ago

You should investigate here:
Numerous documents translated into english.
French Professor Jean-Bernard Fourtillan says he has the proof that Institut Pasteur has created COVID19.