Lude Media Evening Brief on Nov 11, 2020

Compiled by Dictation Group, Translated by English Group, Produced by Himalaya Korea Farm


1.White House Chief of Staff are tested positive for CCPVirus today.

2.New Jersey teller witness the voter fraud.

3.A recount is planned in Georgia.

4.Whistleblower from Dominion voter system come out and exposed manipulation of election.

5.Today Director of DOJ Barr met with the Senate majority leader McConnell.

6.Lawsuit on voter fraud may involves the judicial issues.

7.According to the statistics, there are more than 500,000 voted switched from Trump to Biden.

8.Whistleblower Movement is holding the evidence which can set the definitive tone (for CCP’s manipulation of the US election).

9.CCP can be convicted as long as one of CCP ranked officials come out and become the witness on the court.


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