The World Shrouded in Chinese Communist Party Virus Needs a Great America

Author: MOS LeeWen   Editor: Magnum 44, Rica Machioni

Today, I am very honored to stand in front of the White House, saluting to the glory of the great United States of America. I am here to deliver a speech on behalf of my fellow fighters of Mountains of Spices in Eastern America to support great America and to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Looking back at US history, the American people have always made the right choice at critical moments and won every battle. The anti-totalitarian spirit of “no representation, no taxation” had led the United States to independence, and the United States was re-established in the Civil War on the basis of “all men are created equal” In World War I, World War II, and the Cold War with the Soviet Union. Why do the American people always make the right choice at those historic moments? Why did America become stronger and stronger through all the major crises? As an immigrant from China, let me tell you why: it is because the United States of America is a country blessed and loved by God, they are the sons of God; It is because they follow God’s guidance and have faith in God. They are brave, decent, kind, and believe in their Constitutional rights. Without any doubt, that is the only reason why America stands tall as a beacon of civilization for nearly three centuries.

But why are we gathering here today? Because we are confronting the harsh reality that the world is no longer in good shape, all of humanity is at great risk due to the evil Chinese Communist Party regime, which threatens and erodes the Western freedom and democracy system. Today we are walking down the streets of Washington DC to support President Trump. What President Trump has accomplished since his inauguration four years ago has proven that he is a president who fights and speaks for the people, a president who makes his promise, and most importantly, a president who can make America great again. God has given him extraordinary courage and strength to drain the swamp and helping him to defeat the deadly Chinese Communist Party virus. Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus in 2020, all of us have experienced the most difficult times in our lives, every day we heard bad news of the virus, with the number of deaths on the rise, which made us extremely upset. Families and friends around me are so concerned about news related to the virus vaccine, and I can fully understand their fear and anxiety. I, just like them, always feel desperate when I see the videos of people infected with the virus, who have difficulty breathing even with the help of ventilators, and it broke my heart when I see the soaring number of infections and deaths.

As of November 10, 2020, the John Hopkins University real-time data indicates that the virus has claimed the lives of approximately 250,000 Americans, with a total of 11 million confirmed infections and more than 400,000 infections per day worldwide. The number of American people killed by the virus surpasses the death number in WWI, which was about 110,000, and comes close to death in WWII, which was about 291,000. So we all come here today, standing side by side. We NEED America to lead the war against the Chinese Communist regime, which attacked America by manufacturing the virus in its military lab and releasing it deliberately to the world. We must call it the CCP VIRUS. It has deprived our daily activities such as going to a party or taking a trip. It has taken away our jobs and salary, causing our economy on the verge of collapse; the CCP VIRUS has stripped our children of their fun time with their friends. We can no longer hug and kiss our friends because of the CCP virus. To solve all of these situations, America, we only have one choice, and that is to take down the CCP!

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eliminate CCP