【In-depth report】Pennsylvania election analysis: HUGE indisputable and anomalies data emerged

Author:Yi Zu/Giselle

During the US election, investigative reporter Corey Lynn has been trying to find out the truth from the complex information. Corey has 120,000 followers on Twitter and 39,000 subscribers on YouTube. On Corey’s Digs website built by Corey, he unearthed a large number of truths about the US election through detailed data analysis, time charts, and documents.

The data and information cited by Corey are well documented, which provides irrefutable factual support for the material and opinions he scooped.

On November 13, U.S. time, Corey tweeted:” Honestly, at this point, the only evidence required is the mere fact that there is no way in hell Joe Biden picked up over 78 million votes. If people can’t do the math and see the logic in that, we have some serious educating to do. ”

On November 13, Corey’s website launched an analysis about PA Election. These massive abnormal data once again proved that the voting fraud in PA had reached an extreme.

(original link:https://www.coreysdigs.com/u-s/pa-election-analysis-huge-anomalies-indisputable-data/

While the whole world holds its breath over election scandal, “President Trump’s legal team is working overtime, filing suits, gathering affidavits, speaking with whistleblowers, calling voters who may not have voted, pulling obituaries and exposing the voter fraud to the American people. Simultaneously, whereby likely millions of votes were flipped from Trump to Biden through a multi-layered combination of hardware, software, algorithms, and firmware generally known as the Hammer, Scorecard, Dominion and other transfer points.”    –—— Corey’s Digs

The analysis below represents a data point that Corey’s Digs has been trying to find and show how this all adds up, how the probabilities are impossible and how the “anomalies” are actually manipulated or destroyed. These data were collected from 18 of 67 countries in PA, ten democrats and eight republicans, utilized to show the consistencies and anomalies. Studied in this analysis in 17 of 18 PA counties, Biden ran at nearly 2.5-3.5% average increase from 2016, which also includes all eight red counties. (Note: Red represents Republican counties, Blue represents Democrats)

The blue column below shows the real votes received by Biden and the green column shows the registered Democrats. It can be seen that in the two Counties (Chester and Montgomery) marked in yellow, Biden received thousands or even tens of thousands more votes than registered Democratic voters. Where do these extra votes come from?

As can be found from the above figure, Biden’s votes in Chester County boosted from 141,682 to 179,065; a grow of 37,383 votes; in Montgomery County, Biden’s votes added 57461 votes (313,543-256,082). However, according to the chart below, Chester County increased by 4740 Democrats, Montgomery County increased by 7362 people, the growth in the number of registered voters is small, and it is impossible to explain the reason for the sudden rise in Biden’s votes. Moreover, Biden won more votes in the state than Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan and all other presidential candidates in American history.

According to the screenshot of the following report from PA, there are 8535 voters registered as “other parties” in Lehigh County. According to the registration list, 8332 people had voted on November 3, which indicates that only 203 people did not vote. However, the strange thing is that the report has only reported on 37.74% of the vote totals.

In addition, Let’s take Allegheny County as an example, 

The total number of votes on PA election site was 698,288, and the “other” parties account for 32,590 votes, Trump got 274,028 and Biden got 415,737. According to mathematical calculations, other parties only got 8523 votes. After four days have passed, the votes received by other parties have decreased, and tens of thousands of votes have just disappeared?

The last thing to note is that all these data were extracted on November 7, 2020. From this point in time, the total number of votes may change, but it will not change the anomalies that have been found in the data analysis. And all the data are extracted from the PA official website Votes PA and elementreturns.pa.gov and the latest voter registration form as of November 7, 2020. Base on these public data and scientific analysis, we can see massive uncontroversial unreasonable points, which is also an essential basis for President Trump’s legal team to proceed with litigation in PA.

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3 months ago

This has been the worst case of political interference in legal citizens’ right to vote that I have ever seen. These individuals in the states that are found to be guilty in voter fraud need to held accountable. Once Pres. Trump takes on his second term, every Obama appointee or hired personnel needs to be fired asap. Then put in place a strict voting process with picture ID’s required. If the individual can’t do it then they’re really not committed to being a patriotic citizen in the first place.

3 months ago

Release the KRAKEN!

3 months ago
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