Where is the Scytl’s server seized by the US army in Germany? Did Christopher Wray know it?

Author: dezhou ruiqiu; Reviewer: Wencheng

On November 12th 2020, Congressman Louie Gohmert (TX-01) talked to Chris Salcedo on Newsmax TV to expose the outrageous voter fraud evidence for the current year presidential election, compiled by the Spanish electronic voting machine company Scytl.

Congressman Louie Gohmert said that he received the information Sunday from “some of our former intel people that there was extremely compelling evidence that could be gleaned from Scytl,” the Barcelona company that was “responsible for aggregating all the information from all the machines.”

Then, Gohmert had suggested the president get the information from Scytl, which could show a lot of fraud. However, the next day before that information could be gotten, Gohmert said that “according to the tweet, somebody ordered the US army to go in and seize the server in Germany.”

Thus, Gohmert stated that he believes that “there are people involved inside the government who have been trying to take this president down.” Ironically, as he continued saying “Christopher Wray needs to go”, he has been cut off by Newsmax TV host Chris Salcedo.

What are they hiding about? Are these intelligence operators operating against President Trump? Where is the Scytl’s server seized by the US army in Germany? Did Christopher Wray, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation know it?

A lot of questions need to be answered. And, they will be answered by the Constitution and the Justice in the near future.

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