Highlights Lude Media(Morning)-Nov 14,2020

Jojo, Canada Himalaya Club

American Representative Exposure American Army (CIA) Sealed Software Server Scytl Company

• The operation for seizing Scytl Servers In Germany has been kept highly classified, and not even notified to CIA and former Secretary of Defense Mark T. Esper.

• Gen. Michael Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell said on Fox’s Lou Dobbs Tonight that Dominion’s funded by Venezuela, Cuba, and China.
 Mr. Lu De revealed that the source of funds for Dominion came from Alibaba Jack Ma through Yunfeng Capital and Carlyle Group. Ma has the largest cloud computing business in China, with the ability to analyze voter demographics and manipulate elections. If the Chinese Communist Party can rig the US election, they can do the same in other countries.

• Without intelligence support, tracking down the server is impossible. Mr. Miles Guo mentioned before that the Chinese spies from Qincheng Prison got released before the U.S. election; two of them sent to Canada. And Dominion Voting Systems Corp. is based in Canada. Mr. Lu De suggests that intelligence may have come from them.

• The Spanish electronic voting machine company Scytl is certain to be convicted for rigging and interfering in the U.S. election. Joe Biden has lost the 2020 election to President Trump.

• Mr. Lu De predicts that the mainstream media will soon fight back by telling people that nothing is happening at Scytl.

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