Exclusive! Mr. Guo talks live about the three sins of the Chinese Communist Party against the United States

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More truth at: gtv.orggnews.org

On Nov. 14, Mr. Guo detailed the Chinese Communist Party’s three sins against the U.S. in a live GTV broadcast: rigging the U.S. election, releasing the coronavirus, and stealing U.S. technology.

Mr. Guo said, “The CCP’s No. 1 sin is rigging American elections; No. 2, sending coronavirus to kill Americans; and No. 3, long-term theft of American technology and American jobs.” Mr. Guo added, “When Pandora’s box is opened, the CCP is the time to count down.”

Video link: https://gtv.org/video/id=5fac5324bd0d464fadff4dfb

As for the U.S. election, Mr. Guo believes that the Chinese Communist Party rigged the U.S. election to offend a large portion of the U.S. population. According to Mr. Guo, regardless of the Democrat or the Republican Party, we all know that the forces of evil come from the Communist Party, and control of elections is to control Americans. The Democrats know very well that even if the Democrats win they are listening to the CCP, winning an election and losing the future of America.

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