Exclusive! Mr. Guo Explains the U.S. National Emergency: The Full Beginning of the China-U.S. Economic and Technological Warfare

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On Nov. 14, Mr. Guo said on GTV Live that President Donald Trump’s declaration of a state of emergency in the U.S. officially started the U.S.-China economic and cyber war.

According to Mr. Guo Live, the state of national emergency was issued by Trump to prepare for decoupling, and President Trump can decouple from the Chinese Communist Party without any influence or approval from anyone. This means that all Communist corporate assets (regardless of company) in the US will be seized. Moreover, the preparation behind economic warfare is the beginning of modern cyber warfare. Trump’s declaration of a state of emergency in the United States is more central to targeting online businesses.

Mr. Guo’s analyzed that the first step to push down the firewall is to kill the U.S. really big technology companies that built the firewall, all these technology companies will be sanctioned, will give them a “quarantine period” (exit time), while the Chinese technology stocks will be given a quarantine period. What’s more, it’s important to start preparing in full technical terms. According to Mr. Guo’s understanding, with regard to the international fiber optic cable, with regard to the Hong Kong submarine cable, with regard to the fiber optic cable around the Taiwan Strait, it is already in a state of full military warfare to prepare for protection according to military standards and what will happen after the war, including the communications system in space to the Chinese Communist Party.

As for how to kill the Chinese firewall, Mr. Guo believes that the U.S. will technically and physically shut down all U.S.-controlled technology chips, international fiber optic cables, and Internet service systems, including the International Communication Association’s mandate. When CCP is destroyed on the Internet, all of the CCP’s computers and software systems will be unusable. He said: “No windows, no Android, no Microsoft, no chips, regional Internet are nothing, domestic can only shake the phone, there is no smartphone. All mobile phone chips, mobile phone software platform, including the domestic military development software platform, IBM, Oracle are finished.”

Mr. Guo stressed, “The state of emergency issued by the President of the United States is the full start of a real economic and technological war.”

Video link: https://gtv.org/video/id=5fac5324bd0d464fadff4dfb

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3 months ago

When Pres. Trump takes on his second term he should immediately address these big tech firms and stop them from their controlling our freedom of speech. Too much money seems to turn some folks evil; their need for more,and the power it brings them, is scary. Pres. Trump sacrificed his wealthy independence to put our government back in place to serve the people, not just a select few. STOP the stench, their disease is far worse than any virus.

3 months ago
Reply to  Ruffled

Big tech should only gain income from it’s users monthly fees, not advertisers. This is a sure way to reduce the lure of oligarch money and maintain their ability to produce the platform. After that the only shenanigans would be in the algorithms. Right?

3 months ago

eliminate CCP