War Room: Pandemic Ep 503 summary

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War Room Pandemic: Focusing on the signal, not the noise. And giving you tomorrow’s news today. Why do they want to kill the show? Because they don’t want the deplorable to have access to information.

We hosts were all interchangeable. What’s not interchangeable is the permanence, it’s the deplorables, Laobaixing. This is the most important election in the history, in the republic, that’s why we’re not going to back down, that’s why we’re not going to give up, we have  a direct obligation towards a  thirteen fourteen generations that come before us; we have an obligation to those generations into the future.

Why do they want to destroy Trump not defeating? It’s very simple, not the deal Donald Trump is the first individual that has stood up and put the deplorable’s in the room. This is not normal politics like back in the old days, as 1960 election. Even the viciousness of them is like powder puff compared today. Today is, they’re not trying to defeat Donald Trump, they’re trying to destroy Donald J Trump. And everybody around him, that’s why you see this thing about the law firms quitting because law firms are being docked from powerful clients.

The scene of the rally today in the Freedom Plaza in Washington DC with speakers around noon, then departs and heads up to the supreme court, also another rally down the Washington Monument where the New Federal State of China has their own rally to support President Trump.

Another rally tomorrow with Senator Brandon.

Fog city midge will be in the crowd soon and does many interviews.An hour and half from the beginning of this event, through the Internet, on Instagram and Twitter and there are already so many photos of this event, its already massive.

The American people can see fraud occurred and want to make clear that we won’t roll over and allow the Dems to steal. We want to let President TRUMP know we stand behind him. It’s fight and we are in it and we are prepared to show up and make our voices heard.

Dave Swami on his perspective of Diwali today: Force of dark and force of light. Today’s a very special day, which is celebrated by over a billion people around the world it’s a festival of lights and it’s celebrated by Hindus, Buddhists Sikhs, Jains and actually people of all religious persuasions because not just a religious significance to these days, but also a spiritual significance, and that is it commemorates the victory of good over evil, the victory of light over darkness and the victory of knowledge over ignorance.

It reminds us to always remember the sacred and divine light that is within us and to bring it forward to make the world a better place, like the fight today in America. It’s cross religious line, ethnic lines and lingual  lines.

Lin Wood has pointed finger to the CCP. WR played Lin Wood powerful voice: One in the key states they had targeted to steal. So in the middle of the night, they start having to produce tens of thousands, in some cases hundreds of thousands of fake paper ballots.

Will this be resolved by the courts? Yes but I don’t believe that it necessarily has to be resolved by the courts before the people in this country fully recognized. He tried to steal this election and failed.

DEM Party and the aggrieved citizens of Georgia was to make sure that the signature requirements would follow the rules to the letter because they had not been doing this in the past. This is a serious lawsuit, this is a breach of the world’s only the general assembly can make these rules and they were not followed. So it is possible that this thing ends up in the hands of the supreme court, no question about it, but the main thing is here right now, the outrage of Georgians who voted for Trump, many of them elected officials absolutely beside themselves over the fact that we have this phony recount, this fraud.

JF Radio Show : Goal of Lin Wood’s lawsuit is to stop the fraudulent GEORGIA recount, start it back up when possible. You’re now getting rank-and-file Republicans stepping up, but no leadership by Gov. Brian Kemp.

If the Left gets away with the steal now, patriots will continue and ramp up the fight until 2022, 2024.  President TRUMP won on November 3, and the 72 million who voted for him are not going to back off. More on the massive rally in next hour of War Room: Pandemic.

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