COVID-19 Was Born in a Chinese Lab(1) ———Chinese Virologist Dr. Li Mengyan Interviewed On NewsmaxTV (U.S.)

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Reference: Voice of Guo Media  https://youtube/0zjPGJU18io

Reporter: We continue our special series the China threat with a Chinese virologist , she is coming out of hiding to talk to us today—Dr. Li Mengyan accuses Beijing of knowing about Covid-19 before it became a pandemic and suppressing vital information about the virus. Now we welcome Dr. Yan. 

Dr. Yan: Hi, Nice to meet you, thank you for having me.

Reporter:Doctor, so two questions for you , one,  are you in fear for your safety because you’re speaking out and number two when do you think China actually knew about the virus and its potential concern for the rest of the world?

Dr. Yan: Okay, so for the first question, now I am not afraid of anything because since the time I tried to tell the truth to the world back to 17 January this year. I already know that Chinese communist party will try their best to make me disappear, keep me silent, but what I try to do is just to deliver more message reveal more truth about the Covid-19 things to the world until the last moment. And now I’m in U.S, I’m going to tell all the things to the world in English not only in Chinese. I am not a fear to them at all because even I’m afraid, I still cannot be helpful. 

And also for the second question is, oh, yes, they know quite a lot more than you thought, more than we thought. Because from , even back to the early beginning they already know that this is human to human transmission new type of the virus happened in , oh and it’s not confirmed Wuhan Huanan seafood market, it’s not from the origin nature. Origins not come from the bat, not come from the penguin, not come from different type of animals. Actually they had the genome sequence. Even back to the December, I mean this is when the  outbreak already happened in Wuhan and still they try to hide the truth and to let the people get infected even the medical doctors without any protection and they don’t inform the world so even WHO at that time has to reach to secret sauce. I mean me and be represented of the WHO reference lab in  the university of Hong Kong to do the secret investigation to know what exactly happened in Wuhan, and also this virus actually is the lab modified one based on the PLA discoverer and the owned Zhou Shan bat corona virus.

Reporter:Dr. Yan, are you saying that the world health organization hopes that the world doesn’t know that hydroxychloroquine could actually help people?

Dr. Yan: Oh, Yeah . I think not only WHO , I mean the medical doctors , all the scientists if they want to know whether this drug will be useful for prevention and also early stage treatment, they can go through those articles and textbook, and also check even the website of WHO . This medicine has 20 years history that safe drug at least for even for children. I mean  hydroxychloroquine is listed there. And they say the drug has 17 years history which was shown to be useful to anti-malaria or anti-prevent malaria and also anti-autoimmune disease which shares some similar mechanism to anti-SARS Covid 2 and it was safe for pregnant and children if you use it under the doctor’s instruction and do some routine review for retina or monitor your heart problem which is very rare. If you take it , it will be more safe than you take some even the painkiller you can get in the pharmacy. 

Reporter:Dr. Yan, can I have two questions I just want to make sure that I heard you right. Did you say unequivocally that it didn’t get caused this did not come from a bat but it definitely came from a lab , number one. Number two have you been in touch with the U.S government and if,so what agencies.

Dr. Yan: Uh, yeah, this is lab modified virus based on the Chinese military institute discovered some bat coronavirus, they called a CC45 and ZX21. This sequence are exposed in 2017 to 2018, you can check the sequence from gene bank database.

And the second thing is since the moment I reached to US, I was testified by FBI for several times even with their top scientists about this story and another thing is many other people from government has reached to me and it’s not… maybe it’s not good for me to tell the names at this moment but I think later ……

Reporter:  Oh, just about…not the names ,  just the agency.  So is it the CIA, the state department? Who , which agencies are departments?

Dr. Yan: Homeland people know me since I was in the airport. Yeah!

Reporter: Oh, my god! What has their response been? 

Dr. Yan: So when I reached Los Angeles and hocked, I have several hours transferred to NewYork at that time. So basically the customer office stopped me and I told them my story and then they bring the FBI people and also later the homeland staffs they come to cross verify my evidence and listen to the story I told them about why I have to come to U.S. and what I’m going to do in U.S. and also I introduced them the hydroxychloroquine and also the other things. So they finally after the talking and checking my evidence, also these are just a part of that because the time is not long enough. Just several hours not long enough for me to tell all the story but then they  let me go and also protect me to go to check-in. 

Reporter: Have you talked to the CDC, the FDA any of the health  agencies in the United States or the health and human services ? Have you talked to the medical and health agencies in the U.S.?

Dr. Yan: Not ,not the people from this authorities, because I came from the WHO reference lab for influenza and also new corona virus in Hong Kong. And my supervisors professor Leo Pong and  Professor Malik Peiris. They are both the top corona virus or biologists in the world and from their response and their behavior in the pandemic. I know I can’t trust these people and then they will sell me to the Chinese Communist party government and I also know there are quite a lot of connection among even the high level people in scientific world in the authorities in the U.S. and other countries. So I also can check the evidence see how those people respond to support the nature origin theory of SARS Covid-2 virus and then I know which side they are. I don’t trust the people who support this theory because as experts definitely they can see the problem, I mean among these things Chinese government want people to believe.

Reporter:Well, Dr. Yan I want to thank you for sharing your story with us. I want to wish you continued safety and thank you for sharing your story with us.

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ccp released the rivus

5 months ago
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Cannot la like this, simply want to say ccp release virus. You got proof meh? If no proof, better don’t say anything la. Aiyah, you always like this means ah, how to prosper in life? Everything we say also must have prooflah. Cibai lancau lu.



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