Today, New Federal State of China Joins Million MAGA March to Support Trump “Make America Great Again” | Daily Express – 2020.11.14

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New Federal State of China join Million MAGA March to support Trump | “Make America Great Again” 


Miles Guo (Wengui Guo)on GTV.ORG




November 13: Dear Fellow Fighters, tomorrow, November 14 at 9.30 a.m. Wengui live… not whistleblow. Just chat, tomorrow afternoon 4:00 Wengui will be with the New Federal State of China Washington march live program…… Join the live stream… It’s already started!


Dr Li-Meng YAN:       COVID-19 is Unrestricted Bioweapon

 Thank everyone who spreading the truth of COVID-19 to the world. We all work together to break the darkness from bloody dictatorship of CCP and its huge amount of greedy colleagues.

Steve Bannon War Room


War Room: Pandemic Ep 499

War Room: Pandemic Ep 500

War Room: Pandemic Ep 501

War Room: Pandemic Ep 502

Lude Media:

11/13/2020 Giuliani On Fox: There Were More Evidence Blocked Trump’s Victory; “Taiwan Never A part of China” by Secretary Pompeo, Means What? CCP Immigration Issue Order to Control Chinese People International Travel.


Legal strategy, Taiwan, and closed border

  1. Giuliani says he has uncovered enough unlawful ballots in Michigan and Pennsylvania to turn the election in favor of Trump.
  2. The legal strategy for Trump includes (a)bringing fast civil cases instead of slow criminal cases; (b) arguing about constitutionality of election rules in the Supreme Court; and (c) focusing on interference by the CCP.
  3. Pompeo says Taiwan has never been part of China. It is a clarification of the Three Joint Communiques, which states “all Chinese on either side of the Taiwan Strait maintain there is but one China.” Communist China doesn’t represent China.
  4. China tightens rules for Chinese to travel abroad including unnecessary family visits and tours. The CCP is preparing to decouple from the world.


1、Peter Navarro has said that the White House has prepared for the TRUMP’s second president term intensively. All of the workers in the White House have told the world that TRUMP will surely be in the second president term.
2、The fake news has said that Biden has been the winner, so that if lose the election, they will say TRUMP has stolen the result, thus they will prepare for the disturbance with the media but not law in the future.
3、Tomorrow there will be about 7 thousands and 3 millions of people trusting for Trump parade, please pay attention to the broadcast in GTV.
4、Giuliani said The fraud in the election in many cities is a systematic coordination behavior, they also have fraud training. We have showed off the method of fraud in two of the states. The show of fraud behavior is also a strategy for waking up the public opinion.
5、The super lawyer Lin Woods has standed out for Trump, he exposed
Biden’s fraud. The scytl company is purchased by Biden family. The scytl company was raided by a large army force and their severs which have a lot of date exchange storage about election fraud were seized in Frankfurt.

Twitter & Parler

 BREAKING! Very important: US Army team just raided Scytl server facility in Frankfurt, Germany to recover “extremely compelling” data detailing vote switching. All servers have been removed. Scytl provides election systems to the one third of US electoral jurisdictions.

Now it is learned that the horrendous Dominion Voting System was used in Arizona (and big in Nevada). No wonder the result was a very close loss!

Why would China try to silence Taiwan at the @WHO meeting?  Maybe because Taiwan has been successful at containing COVID-19.

Georgia’s hand recount is a great step forward in protecting the integrity of our elections. We MUST fight to protect every LEGAL vote!

I see Barack Obama is not done calling America racist. Because there couldn’t possibly be any other reason to disagree with him and his neoliberal agenda that flatlined working wages and empowered the rise of #China

Rudy Giuliani: Very serious fraud across multiple cities are likely systemic and concerted.


Communist China Fake News

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin’s Regular Press Conference on November 13, 2020

Phoenix TV: US Secretary of State Pompeo said in an interview on November 12 that Taiwan has not been a part of China. What is your comment?

For Pompeo, compared with his own political interests, the fundamental interests of the Chinese and American people are just nothing. He is only interested in making up one lie after another to confound right and wrong, confuse the public, and torpedo China-US relations and peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait. His ugly and malicious intentions have been laid bare for all to despise.
Editors Comment:US Secretary of State Pompeo represents the United States, not the individual.


Whistleblower’s Movement popular glossary

 Lude Media

Lude (Wang DingGang) is the founder of Lude Media, the main program channel. There are two additional programs under Lude Media channel: Lude Interview and Lude Times. Lude Media was created on YouTube in March 2017. The purpose of these channels is to create an independent news platform that can disseminate the truth about the CCP. Lude started broadcasting Whistle-Blower Movement which was founded by Guo WenGui in 2017, and firmly believes that Guo WenGui will be the most perfect “Grave-Digger” for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The Whistleblower’s Movement has played a leading role in debunking CCP deception and spreading the truth. Exposing their BGY plan (Blue: Control of the Internet Gold: Influence through payoffs. Yellow: Assert control over key people through sex and seduction) and 3F plan (Foment weakness of America. Foment chaos in America. Foment the destruction of America). In addition, Lude’s channels fully implemented the concept of truthfulness in media, which has made more people believe and participate in the Whistleblower’s movement. In addition, Lude’s channels fully implemented the concept of truthfulness in media, which has made more people believe and participate in the Whistleblower’s movement. Lude’s channels, hosted by Lude, along with interview guests: An Hong, Sara, Ellie, and Dr. Bo, are simultaneously live broadcast twice a day, morning and night[1]. They focus on all aspects of the battle between the United States and the CCP, including the role of the pandemic. With his sharp thinking and vision, Mr. Lude shows his audience how each action of the CCP and the United States is pushing the CCP towards exposure and downfall. He conducts interviews, including with people in the Whistleblower’s Movement (for example Guo WenGui, Steve Bannon) and reveals the “BGY” by the CCP of overseas individuals and organizations, and how the Chinese people have been persecuted under the CCP regime.

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