11/14/2020 Financial News: 10% down payment showed in CCP’s property market; WH economic advisor said WH is moving forward to the second Trump term

1,Suzhou, China, the property market has fallen sharply. From Sep to Oct, a massive number of real estates have been actively discounted and promoted, and even launched special price, limited-time price, and 10% down payment. However, data show that in Oct, Suzhou’s property trading volume plummeted, with a total of 6,732 traded, a decrease of 35.1% from the previous month and a decrease of 33.04% from last Oct


2,Former Wells Fargo & Co. CEO and Chairman John G. Stumpf agreed to pay a $2.5 million penalty over his role in “allegedly misleading investors about the success of the Community Bank, Wells Fargo’s core business,’ read a Securities and Exchange Commission filing published on Friday morning.


3,The 49-year-old Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted on Friday that he took a series of antigen tests that produced both positive and negative tests. Therefore, his results for the test will be provided at a later day. Musk traveled to Berlin last week via his private jet to conduct in-person interviews in Germany.


4,White House economic advisor Navarro said President Trump clearly won the election and claimed White House is moving forward with second term plans on Friday. Besides, he pointed out after Election Day somehow in key battleground state got enough votes to catch up to the president, which is what is being investigated.


5,The chairman of the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) stated that he believed there is evidence of voter fraud and other alleged irregularities. In a recent interview, FEC Chairman Tery Trainor said reports of fraud in some battleground states are credible “otherwise they would allow the observers to go in”, referring to reports of some polling areas refusing to allow GOP observers to check on the process on Election Day and the days after.


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