War Room: Pandemic Ep 500 summary

  • Editor: Ranting
  • Author: Jenny Ball

Raheem’s definition of fascism:

The world like their model. They like their model, the state capitalism merge with authority of their dictatorship, but they want more authoritative government with state capitalism. What they want to do with climate changing all of it. It’s like the model of the CCP, so that’s what they hold as a model for the future. 

Let you guys know the Democrats and the corrupt people are not the only bad guys in this story that’s playing out right now. The CCP sent us a virus. The CCP vacuumed up the PPE, corrupted the WHO, targeted whistleblowers, bought up US politicians, and rigged an election.

Right now, the CCP is on course to owning the future and what we’re fighting for sovereignty. 

The state legislatures have the power if they so choose to see Pro Trump electors will vote for Trump irrespective of what the media or what the democrat machine says the ultimate vote count is and so this means that if necessary the state legislatures themselves can step in and restore the will of the people.

Will the state legislatures stand up and fight and exercise their authority or not? It’s an issue of will.

Bannon commented on Hillary to be UN secretary: For someone who dedicated a large portion of her life not large portion, say a couple of years to make sure Trump would never be President, to be UN secretary, it just doesn’t work. Hillary Clinton, you lose and you’re too thirsty.

Go down into the depth of the grind and this is it. You’ve got to force the hand down there in Georgia. this is the grind and if we lose these. You’re not going to secure the victory.

Jenny Beth Martin, who’s been leader of the tea party movement for now.  it seems like populous movement in the establishment. She tells us exactly what’s going on: I think it’s important for everyone to understand. We need to know the truth about what happened with this election.

The only way we’re going to get there is with transparency and openness and with a process that is done right. Otherwise, more questions are going to come up and no one’s going to be satisfied, no one’s going to trust our election.

Beattie describes the ultimate Constitutional “nuclear option”: If state legislatures are not satisfied that irregularities, FRAUD are appropriately addressed, they can seat electors who will vote for TRUMP irrespective of that.

We should be pressuring them to do so. This is a question of will.

It is respective state legislatures’ responsibility and constitutional duty to seat electors who make the ultimate vote for President.

These legislatures have the power to seat pro-Trump electors who will vote for TRUMP, irrespective of what MSM, Dem machine say.

Amy Kramer is a legend, she’s one of the founders of the tea party movement. Senior people women for Trump and she is her inspiration. To show support for the President and the constitution.

Amy talks about this rally, huge rally: President TRUMP has fought for us for four years, now we have to fight for him. No one else can expose this ELECTION FRAUD. Patriots are coming to DC from all over the nation to support President TRUMP and STOP THE STEAL.

The reason people are coming for the constitution and because they love this President, that’s what’s important and we want him to know we have his back.

Whistleblower Movement “Prince”: Last year, we had the best economy in history, President TRUMP was cruising to re-election. Then, the CCP launched the PANDEMIC as an act of biowarfare. The CCP VIRUS has claimed 200,000 American lives.

We are at war with the CCP. Either we take down the CCP, or they take us down. We don’t have a choice.

We Whistleblower Moverment followers will be in the rally tomorrow to show our support to President Trump and expose the true nature of the CCP.

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