The Winner Is the One Who Gets the Last Laugh

On November 8, 2020, in his GTV live broadcast, Mr. Miles Guo gave remarks on the congratulatory messages sent by world leaders to Joe Biden and expressed his views on his BIAs who were angered by their actions. Miles said that Brothers-in-Arms should not judge others by their own standards, and that self-strength is the essential factor for success. Furthermore, the behaviors of those leaders, including Tsai Ing-wen, embarrassed themselves as politicians. The Whistleblower Movement will follow the rule of righteousness and will never repeat the mistakes of the current systems. The G series is a platform for freedom of speech based on compliance with the law, and those who have the last laugh will have the best laugh.

Transcriber:【向日葵】Translator:【一花一世界】Proofreaders:【奔腾的长江】【Winston Jackson】Subtitles:【班仔】Video provider:【恒久忍耐】Editor:【TINALS】

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