Suppression, Brainwash, Kidnapping of 1.4 million people . The significance of taking down the cyber firewall

Author: Connecticut Farm- Truemanman

Edit: Connecticut Farm- Wen Yun

Translation: Connecticut Farm- Stephanie

proofreading & revise: Connecticut Farm-Mr. Snail


Recently, Secretary of State Pompeo addressed at the Reagan Institute, expressing the needs in helping Chinese people to take down the cyber firewall. Pompeo ‘s words has obviously stuck a nerve to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), as a result , the CCP officials reviled this Secretary of State who has been trying his best to help the Chinese people . Cyber firewall on which the CCP depends deadly to maintain their political power is going to be taken down.

Internet has always been seen as a way to open up ones’s mind. As the cyber firewall becoming more hard to pass by and the internet censorship has been increasing , the channels for people to get information from are limited to be one only although it seems to be multiple. As all the media is controlled by the CCP government, the information that they deliver becomes more ‘ nationalism’

On the China social media platforms, people are becoming more vulnerable and sensitive. Their “nationalism sentiment” is rampant. Their sensitive emotion is easily stirred up, especially when talking about ‘Sovereign’, ‘Territories’ or ‘ World Status ‘ and etc. This kind of emotion is spread to areas of culture, technology and etc.

Criticism means unpatriotic. Anyone who tells the truth is a traitor. Since the outbreak of the CCP virus, people have been discussing the truth of the virus. Even though with the strong human witness, material evidence and solid reports, the majority people still do not believe it under the long term brainwash of ‘nationalism’.

For those people who managed to flee accross the cyber firewall with VPN, some are still saying that ‘western is attempting to smear China, they do not acknowledge China ‘s progress’ . Truth and facts has turned to smear and jealousy in their eyes.

Since the past 10 years, CCP has been making use of cyber firewall, propaganda and censorship to bring about great rejuvenation of the nation with their own dignity to conform to their speedy expansion of global ambition .

It forms a powerful nationalism to coerce patriots in China. People do not understand that sense of patriotism does not mean that you have to love the party as well.

With the cyber firewall and the censorship, their philosophies that they get from the world are as follows:

Foreign criticism of the Chinese government is often reflexively regarded as the support of the US government;

When foreign countries have any sanctions or administrative actions against the Chinese government, it will often be regarded as jealousy of the US government;

When there is any social disorder in the United States, it is often considered that the country is in chaos. The CCP media describes the United States in a way that is full of gun violence and police violence.

This reminds me of a joke about CCTV News that circulates in the civil society . ‘ CCTV News lasts for 30 minutes. The first 10 minutes shows leaders are very busy . The next 10 minutes shows that people of China all live in bliss with growing prosperity and the last 10 minutes shows how much chaos are in the foreign countries which are all trapped in abyss of misery. ‘

This is the purpose of the cyber firewall, avoiding people to see the wider picture. People are not able to touch the truth, their anger circulates over and over again in the worldview that CCP builds.

CCP cleverly manipulates this kind of ‘ nationalism’ . They make use of all kinds of propaganda means to combine the pride of cultural heritage with the hatred for the humiliation from the foreign countries . Leaders of the CCP are experts in shaping  this kind of politicized nationalism to strengthen their paramount status, decorating their dictatorship as the best means to maintain social stability.

With the effect of the cyber firewall, information about the Chinese people and their actual living condition are not known to the world. Many foreign governments and their people are also not able to see the wider picture. They blindly believe the only voice from CCP’s propaganda , thinking that rapidly developed economy and prosperity is attributed to the socialist autocratic centralized system under the leadership of the CCP. This is a huge misunderstanding.

The cyber firewall hinders the channels of communication between the people of China and the people outside world. 1.4 billion people are being kidnapped and preyed on freely.

This is the significance to take down the firewall. Once it is taken down, information from bilateral channels will flood in and many people will start to know, what is the most important thing. As Secretary of State Pompeo said, ‘Chinese people who ought to have a free life is different from the CCP. The Chinese people pray for peace and prosperity, same as that of the Americans who treasure their families .’

We do not need brainwash and indoctrination any more. 1.4 billion people have the rights to know the truth. 1.4 billion people should have their own way of life that are not lead by the CCP. People all over the world also have the rights to know the true China. Take down the firewall! Take down the CCP! Let the freedom and truth come upon!

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