Spanish e-voting company ‘Scytl’ behind the US election frauds

Attorney Lincohn “Lin” Wood has joined President Trump’s team in fighting back on the 2020 election fraud . Wood particularly claimed that a foreign government, the Chinese Communist Party, was behind the various tactics of voter fraud that led to the premature projection of a Biden win.

One of his earliest Tweets revealed that a company called ‘Scytl’ plays a key role and was purchased by a company called ‘Paragon’. He suggested that Joe Biden’s “co-conspirators” are well aware of both companies, suggesting that Biden might be directly involved in election fraud.

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The Tweet was composed with quotes of another Tweet discussing that the US army force stormed and seized election fraud servers of Scytl in Frankfurt. The information was provided by Texas Congressman Rep. Louie Gohmert in an online meeting. This was also discussed in another report.

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What is Scytl?

Scytl Secure Electronic Voting is an electronic voting system and election technology from Span, founded in 2001 in Barcelona. The product covers the entire process of elections, including election planning, online voter registration, poll worker management, electronic ballot delivery, online voting, results consolidation and election night reporting.

It is one of the largest election companies similar to the Dominion Voting Systems. Dominion is reported to have involvement in the fraudulence in the US 2020 election.

Based on Scytl’s business website , “78 million voters from more than 800 U.S. counties in states including Colorado, Georgia, New Jersey, California, and Texas benefited from Scytl secure election solutions.”

In the 2020 election, it has “consolidated election results for 7 states and impacted more than 48 million registered voters.”

Republik reported that Scytl received large amount funds from the Spanish government and that the funds were used in ways contrary to what had been stipulated.

According to its own website, Scytl acquired 100% of SOE Software, the leading software provider of election management solutions in the United States back in 2012 (source).

Scytl has a history of voting frauds

Scytl is involved in controversies of voting frauds and failures in various countries.

1. Australia
The government of New South Wales purchased “iVote” online voting system from the company but a serious vulnerability that allowed circumvention of the encryption between the voter’s browser and the e-voting system was discovered by researchers for an 2015 election (arXiv:1504.05646).

2. Ecuador
In 2014, Scytl was supposed to deliver results within 72 hours but all the scanned election ballots had to be counted manually at the company’s Barcelona headquarters (source).

3. Norway
In 2011 and 2013, the country’s government ended the experiments of e-voting using Scytl products for fear of frauds as voters casted their votes in “uncontrolled environments” where they could be influenced by others and there would be repeated voting (source).

4. Switzerland
In March 2019, a group of researchers found a deficiency in the code that would allow the system’s operator to alter votes undetected, which led to the discontinuity of the use of Scytl’s e-voting system in the Swiss referenda of 19 May 2019 (source).

Cryptographic backdoor was found in the system that allowed swap out all of the legitimate ballots and replace them with fraudulent ones, undetected.

Change of ownership happened in 2020, a coincidence or part of the plan?

On 11 May 2020, Scytl initiated bankruptcy proceedings with debts of over 75 million euro.

On 2 June 2020, a Spanish court declared that the company was bankrupt and started the process of auctioning off its assets. Paragon Group bought Scytl in October 2020 and the SOE Software Corporation started selling Election Night reporting software under the Scytl name (source).

There are some conspiracies or investigations that connected the voting machine company to the CIA and George Soros.

Is the change in ownership in 2020 a coincidence or part of a plan of stealing the 2020 US Election? Lin Wood’s tweet today suggests that it is the latter, and if proved true, Joe Biden and his “co-conspirators” belong in jail rather than the White House.

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