Under the dictatorship of CCP, local police (chengguan) robbed and beat up street vendors! Forgot about the human!


It’s hard to do business in Communist China, which has the highest taxes in the world.

The CCP has never allowed democratic elections. Thus, CCP officials do not care about people’s lives. The CCP local government enforcers known as “Chengguan” abuse of power to beat street vendors is a common occurrence.

The Communist China’s street vendors who are only trying to earn enough for bread, need to hide when Chengguan approaches and come out after they leave, like fighting a guerrilla war to avoid being caught by Chengguan.

Chengguan was prohibiting the business. Anyone who wants to do business in CCP must pay for protection fees to the local government enforcers department, otherwise, Chengguan will come to drive away vendors accompanying forceful confiscation of goods.

Senior CCP government officials have been in charge of China for more than 70 years, and their ideology has been completely distorted. There is no human rights, let alone freedom of speech. People will get punished or even die for telling the truth.

When is it an end? When can the Chinese people be free? There is only one answer: we have no choice but to take down the CCP!

“China will own the U.S if Joe Biden wins.” as President Trump said. Democratic government will not only limit people’s voting rights but will also take away more people’s legal rights. By then, there will be no difference between the United States and the CCP.

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3 months ago