Stock market ban, President Trump finally took the first step: “Decoupling” through the legislation


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On November 12, 2020, the Trump Administration issued a new Executive Order to ban the US capital from being invested in the companies with a Chinese military background. The current list involves 31 companies. The order will be effective on the January 11th 2021. Will more companies be added into this list?  It will be identified by US Department of Defense. Remember, It is very important.

Of the Chinese companies currently in the U.S. stock market are “Private Enterprises”, but they are all disguised as “Private Enterprises”. Their backgrounds are the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or the CCP military (PLA). They use the “Private Enterprises” identity theft intellectual property rights, technologies and obtain funds from the United States. Then they use the technologies and funds to attack the United States, thereby achieving the purpose of controlling the United States and domination of the world.

Why is the list identified by the US Department of Defense important?  Because the Ministry of National Defense is a department that protects the country from being attacked and protects national security. This time, the Department of Defense will identify and inspect these CCP companies. It shows that the United States understand that they are under threats and attacks from the CCP. It means the “Red Light” of the US financial system and national security of invasion is shining. It is the first time for US officials taking actions to express their attitude in confronting the CCP.

The CCP disguised their companies as private enterprises and take advantage of loopholes in the U.S. law to enter the U.S. stock market. They sent their phony financial statements to the US financial institutions. The US financial institutions who colluded with the CCP use the “Excellent Performance” rating reports to attract US investors. Since the CCP is a dictatorial regime, it can manipulate many false events. They utilize the “Dividends” of 1.4 billion people to create various positive or negative fake news, manually intervene stock price to make it up or down, meanwhile they make money from the arbitrage. Eventually, the funds obtained in the United States will return the CCP and their pockets.

Combining the “Thousand Talent Project” as well as “Hard Disk Door” bribe Senior Leadership” to steal intellectual property rights and technologies from the United States on a large scale. It involved military technology, missile technology and information to communications Technology. The CCP could achieve their aggressive ambition using US funds and US technologies to attack the United States in turn. The core of all these plans are casted as BLUE (cyber-attack),  GOLDEN ( money bribery ) and COLOR (Sexual bribery).  As a result, the United States did not realize and was fooled.

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3 months ago

The country operates like a PONZI scheme.