Pfizer’s Vaccine, Look at Its Investors and China-Based R&D!

During the GTV livecast on November 11, 2020, Mr. Miles Guo revealed that Pfizer’s Research and Development (R&D) is inside of Communist China. He said whoever trust Pfizer’s vaccine could have their own family be vaccinated first. He also let people check who the shareholders of Pfizer are.

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“All of you may take a look, look at Pfizer. Pfizer’s R&D center is located in Shanghai, or, could be Beijing. I forget. But definitely in China. Would you still believe in Pfizer? If its R&D is already in Communist China, who’d still believe it will develop a vaccine? My BIAs, rather, that is a weapon. Once you understand it is a biochemical weapon, would you still believe they’d aim to develop a vaccine? They can cultivate numerous types of virus in a few minutes. Just like what our scientist [Dr. Yan] revealed, R&D scientists never limit themselves to cultivate just one single strain at a time, but multiple strains. 

Whoever says it works, I’d challenge them all over the world – Let yourself get the vaccine shot first, let your kid get the shot, your husband, your parents, better yet, your whole family!Why don’t you all get it, including your whole family?! In the past few days, an American friend said, “Wow, finally the vaccine is here!”I responded, “Let me see to it that you get the shot first. Better do it in front of me! If you fail to follow through with it, you’d be as good as a clown, and I’d never trust you again. Some say that the volume is too low, what could it be? The volume control really is problematic. 

So, brothers and sisters, in regard to the vaccine – Take a good look at all the shareholders behind Pfizer. Then take a look at the same for WeChat, Ant Financial, and Lufax. All the shareholders having ties to China, the U.S. and the world, are none other than Blackstone, Goldman Sachs, and Temasek of Singapore; ABU Dhabi’s Mubadala, ADIA, aka, “Abu Dhabi Investment Authority”; plus Saudi Investment Auth. (SAGIA), Masayoshi Son of Japan; plus 2 or 3 investment companies in HK like Warburg Pincus; that big I-bank in Australia, and one or two in Japan at times. Always the same two dozen of institutions; never change. On top of these, a few new faces may pop up in the future. Could be female, or, male; all are the likes of Guan Jun and Liu Chengjie [offspring of CCP kleptocrats]. Among them only 2 types of investors – one is the old CCP Standing Committee, the old Politburo; the other, the new Standing Committee, the new Politburo. This has never changed. 

How about the U.S.? That’d be Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley; the Wall Street titans. All is divided up by the same 20, 30+ institutions. For any deals in China and the U.S., anything over tens of billions, hundreds of billions, the investors behind the scene have always been the same. All are the ranks of master thieves at international level or nation level. As simple as that! Take a look at Pfizer’s shareholders – who are they exactly? After Pfizer announced its vaccine, the first thought that hit me – Pfizer will have to pay dearly for this, as a vast number of lawsuits will be filed against it someday. How can anyone develop a vaccine within a few months? You haven’t even gotten time for an ADE study, nor a thorough pathological analysis based on the results. And yet you dared to announce that you’ve developed a vaccine? Whom are you trying to fool?!”

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