EU bans encryption of social media communications

Original Author:残荷听夜雨

Translator:Wen Y Wen

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Recently, a request of the Council of Ministers of the European Union, led by French President Macron and the Austrian Prime Minister, requires applications such as Telegram, Signal, and WhatsApp to provide universal public keys on European intelligence services. Officials stated that it is for dealing with a series of terrorist attacks recently launched by Islamic extremists in France and Austria.

This news is astonishing! Every memory fragment that is looming in my mind such as walking in the road covered with surveillance cameras; Logging in any network platform requires a real-name qualification; People must provide identity information all the time in the daily life; face recognition technology and mega data analysis technology is ubiquitous in the Communist Party of China. The media under the control of the Communist Party of China has always advertised that such large-scale surveillance activities may defend terrorism or better protect the personal or property safety of citizens. But is it true?

According to the 2017 data from Bureau of Statistics of the Communist Party of China, China has 200,000 missing children every year, and 0.1% has been recalled. Where did these children go? Does the ubiquitous Skynet of the Communist Party of China leave a backdoor specifically for child traffickers? In the Chinese Communist Party, when a child committed suicide by jumping from a building, the surveillance was magically broken. Does surveillance have a party spirit? Citizens of the CCP who express their dissatisfaction with the CCP government on social platforms will be disappeared, asked for a talk or even sent to prison at any time! Shouldn’t it be the officials involved? In Xinjiang, millions of people have been imprisoned, tortured, and subjected to organ harvesting. Does Jack Ma’s mega data center know that?

In a real sense, the most terrifying thing in the world is not terrorism, but the unrestricted public power’s desire to suppress the dignity, property and privacy of citizens. The disaster that an evil Iranian regime may cause is the turmoil and disasters in the entire Middle East; and a huge evil regime of the CCP can enslave the entire world with a sickle and axe! France has so far been infected more than one million people with the CCP virus. Indeed, no politician has come forward to pursue the truth about the virus. The whole  Europe is basically covered by the cloud of CCP virus, and a large number of citizens die every day. Isn’t the lethality of the CCP virus tens of thousands times greater than the lethality of terrorism? Why so far no politician in Europe dares to confront the CCP as decisively as trying to violate the privacy of citizens today!

Where do the funds and weapons that the Islamic State use come from? What are their money laundering banking institutions? Are Deutsche Bank, HNA and the Belt and Road money laundering system not connected? How do they penetrate into various countries? The leaders of the Islamic Taliban in Afghanistan met with the CCP last year. Do these politicians know it? It is impossible to achieve without the corrupt participation of the power system behind. Behind this is a huge network! It is naive and ridiculous to use social media encryption as a counter-terrorism measure。

The entire European Union has been infiltrated by the CCP. Mr. Guo once broke the news that Macron of France and Merkel of Germany have all bowed to the CCP. Large-scale protest movements broke out in France and Germany at this time. It is very likely that these corrupt leaders want to use social media monitoring to suppress and prevent people’s dissatisfaction with their governance. They do not solve the problem, solve the person who raised the problem. It is the style of the Communist Party! This kind of popular protest movement is the product of a failed attempt at globalization. A large number of jobs have been taken by a backward autocratic country like the CCP using cheap labor costs!

Now that the world will undergo a huge financial and political reshuffle with the impending demise of the CCP, what should the EU, which is facing a huge economic recession, how to solve it? Can banning encrypted social media solve the huge financial trauma caused by the demise of the Communist Party? Obviously not, time will give us the answer. But anyway, democracy will win!

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