If Joe Biden becomes president of the United States-Communism is around the corner


Recently, Joe Biden announced his election as president. Congratulatory messages were sent from all over the world, and then…

Those who vote for Joe Biden are familiar with his campaign policies, that is, United States and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would have a good relationship under his leadership. Although some Americans have gained certain benefits in the CCP-US trade war (President Trump claimed that the United States have earned billions of dollars in the CCP-US trade war), but it doesn’t matter. It is more important to listen to the CCP’s commands, or else CCP will release the three hard drives to the public. However, Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell was exposed by the righteous forces of the world on October 24.

Taiwanese are in danger

In recent years, CCP has been clamoring to occupy Taiwan by force. They are not only prepared on military aspect, but also on media propaganda. CCP has been eroding Taiwan for a long time, using its evil strategy known as “blue, gold and yellow plan”. President Tsai Ing-wen tweeted on November 8th:

However, the military power of CCP is far behind from the United States. In this case, they need a good agent such as Joe Biden. Informed sources indicate that after Biden’s election, CCP is going to fire with Taiwan immediately, and Biden promised that the United States would not react.

The following picture shows the content of a post with a reading volume of 100,000+ inside the great firewall. It reads as: “The spokesperson of the Ministry of CCP’s National Defense, Colonel Wu Qian, once said: The Chinese People’s Liberation Army has always been able to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity and defeat any form of “Taiwan independence” separatist forces. Now, the will is firm. Here, I want to warn those “Taiwan independence” separatists that there is no way out for confrontation, and the use of force to plot “independence” is a dead end. Don’t be a mantis trying to stop a chariot, otherwise you can only kill yourself.”

Enslave the people

As Hunter Biden’s peachy incident continues to ferment, the hard-working and kind-hearted American people have chosen to stand with justice. However, the result of the general election does not seem to meet the wishes of the working people. Most people think that the election results are not the same as their own wishes, but this is the wishes of the majority. But is this really the case?

The comrades of Whistleblowers in the New Zealand farm grasped the essence of this election very accurately. This is a funny farce, as shown in the pictures below. Informed sources said that this incident would be a milestone from the enslavement of the Chinese people to the enslavement of the people of the world.

Strengthen the great firewall

If Biden was elected, the firewall would be harder for the Chinese people to break through. It looks that this doesn’t matter to me, right? The United States is still under a free network with “free speech”, but the CCP virus in the United States will become more serious and dangerous. This situation will not end until the United States becomes a socialist country. Perhaps this process is very long. Many people are in the transitional period of becoming s socialist in his/her life, but their descendants will definitely take the consequence of socialism.

Sending the rebelling people to prison What are the things that the United States will experience in the process of becoming a socialist country? You will find the answer after reading the contemporary history of China. For example, the nationalization of the economy, things like the Three Great Reforms, the Great Leap Forward, and the Cultural Revolution. Sober-minded people refuse to support socialism. You can refer to the Tiananmen Movement in 1989 June 4th, the current concentration camps in Xinjiang and the protest march in Hong Kong. The first death anniversary of Dr. Li Wenliang, as shown below. Even with such resistance, communism is still in the hands of the Chinese people. Maybe in another 100 years, there will be someone similar to Guo Wengui in the United States.

Communism weaves a beautiful dream for the people, and it is painful to see this dream broken. However, people who are awake and dreaming are more painful. May God bless the brave and kind-hearted people. The elimination of the Communist Party is the need of all mankind to maintain justice.

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